Fortium’s Krentzman to Discuss Cybersecurity in Master Class

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Fri, 09/15/2017 - 12:18 -- Nick Dager

Fortium’s Adam Krentzman will discuss the latest solutions and strategies for cybersecurity in post-production in a special Master Class at Mix Presents Sound for Film and TV, September 16, at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City, California.

Adam KrentzmanA recent spate of high profile hacks has focused attention on cybersecurity in the media and entertainment industry. The problem is particularly acute in post-production where sensitive content is shared among an increasing number of studio staff and third-party service providers. Ensuring that content doesn’t fall into the wrong hands, either through internal error or criminal act, is of paramount importance.

Krentzman leads U.S. business development for Fortium, whose encryption solution MediaSeal is used by more than 250 studios and facilities worldwide to protect content throughout the post-production process. In his Master Class, Cybersecurity in Post-Production: How to Defeat the Hackers, Krentzman will discuss the devastating consequences that security breaches can have for the companies and people involved. He will also offer practical advice on how companies can keep content safe from theft or accidental distribution both internally and when interacting with outside parties.

“We are in a new era and have to think differently about security, the old paradigm no longer works” Krentzman said. “Cyber criminals are clever and they are relentless in seeking soft targets. Companies need to be smart and act vigilantly to avoid becoming victims.”

Krentzman has been an entertainment industry executive for nearly 30 years and previously served as a motion picture packaging agent at CAA. At CAA, he represented directors and producers including Michael Bay, Michael Mann, Antoine Fuqua, Jerry Bruckheimer and Bill Condon, and more than 50 studio films, including Bad BoysCasinoGood FellasTraining Day and Hellraiser.

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