First International Real 3D Technology Forum Convenes in Seoul Korea

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Mon, 05/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The first International Real 3D Contents Technologies Forum opened May 12 in Seoul with great fanfare. Hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency and organized by the Korea Real 3D Contents Producers Association this forum was held for two days in Seoul and Busan. Many leading manufacturers and 3D experts from America and China were present along with 300 distinguished guests to see the flow of the 3D market as well as its technological development. Pictured left to right Xiaolin Yan chairman of C3D; Kim Tae-sub chairman of KDC Group; Christopher Crescitelli founder of 3DFF. Before the forum opened Kim Tae-sub chairman of KDC and the Korea Real 3D Contents Producers Association delivered a keynote speech. Chairman Kim said 3D is not new anymore and there are some obstacles to overcome with 3D. In order to develop the industry I personally think standardization of 3D is needed the most along with creative storytelling and human respected technologies. He said that with the integrated standard Korea China and America should work together to develop the 3D industry and it is very meaningful that Korea leads the first international solidarity. Christopher Crescitelli founder of the 3D Film and Interactive Festival and CEO of the Dream Factory Studio said We are here to mandate that you create only high quality and entertaining 3D content that can be enjoyed by all markets and people around the globe. He continued by saying This forum will feature informative and inspirational discussions and explorations into this amazing new 3D industry which aims to continue its pattern of growth and prosperity for everyone involved in its successful delivery and execution to all platforms. Xiaolin Yan chairman of China 3D Industry Association said Korea China and America needs to work closely for 3D content technologies and he also wished that the forum be crowned with complete success with the 3D content technologies in Korea.” Meanwhile the kick off ceremony for Global Real 3D Association carried on. This international solidarity is composed of three countries Korea China and America and those three countries are expected to work closely for sharing technical information and establishing a standard in 3D.  Later on about eight other nations such as Japan Germany and England are expected to join the Global Real 3D Association. Prominent speakers at the forum included Alex Cho vice chairman of the Korea Real 3D Contents Producers Association Hu Bo president of Shandong Miracle Pictures Canada Longevity Intl. Enterprise Group Paul Taylor stereoscopic producer and David Franks stereographer of Stereo D. Cho talked about the manufacturing technology and trends of stereoscopic 3D content. He explained all the basic information about producing 3D content and related technology trends. Vice president Cho said The standardization on 3D content is urgently needed. He also strongly suggested that existing filmmakers and writers are required to learn about 3D production technologies for 3D content development. President Hu Bo stressed the cooperation between Korea China and America. Korea has wonderful hardware China has a big market and America Hollywood has contents. We need to work together for 3D content development. He continued I think Korea has a bright future ahead in 3D content development. He also suggested to Korea that to produce creative content in many different languages is the key for Korea to develop its 3D industry. Taylor talked about Overview of 3D Production. The question that people frequently ask to him is Do you think 3D is going to stick around this time? His answer is not surprisingly yes. For so long 3D was a very lonely business as it comes and goes. However he thinks it will be different this time due to the financial commitment which we didn't have before. 3D should resonate with images and storytelling to create a powerful and immersive feeling unlike any audiences have ever experienced before he concluded. Lastly Franks had a presentation about stereo 3D editing and post-production. I don't personally think every content will be produced in 3D but 3D will offer lots of variety and fun to audiences. He also said that delivering the image realistically and comfortably to the viewers is the key in 3D post-production. For better work production editing visual effects depth balancing and mastering for deliverables are things to care about. ,2452
NCM Fathom to Present The Lord of the Rings Trilogy in June,2011-05-31, One of the most successful films in motion picture history is coming to the big screen this summer as NCM Fathom and Warner Home Video present The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Edition Event. The Academy Award-winning trilogy will be featured in an exclusive series of in-theatre events in June including The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on June 14; The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers on June 21; and The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King on June 28. During each Fathom event theater audiences will view nearly an hour of additional feature footage per film with additional and extended scenes that were carefully selected under the supervision of director Peter Jackson. In addition fans will be treated to personal introductions to each film from Jackson which were captured on the set of his current film The Hobbit all making this an historic series that can only be experienced on the big screen.  
The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Edition Event will appear in nearly 500 movie theaters across the country via the new digital cinema projection systems.
Jackson currently busy on set directing The Hobbit took a moment to share his thoughts on the upcoming The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition theatrical showings: “I am happy to bring The Lord of the Rings back up on the big screen particularly these new presentations of the extended editions that have been remastered for high-definition. Making these films was a great experience and I’m pleased to be able to share them with fans eager to make a return journey to Middle-earth.”
Out of the 30 total Academy Award nominations received The Lord of the Rings Trilogy won a record 17 Academy Awards.  
“The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Trilogy is a visual masterpiece that returns to the big screen to be experienced the way Peter Jackson intended with the additional feature footage for each installment ” says Dan Diamond vice president of NCM Fathom. “Combined with all-new introductions to each event by Jackson the exceptional quality of digital cinema and the one-of-a-kind experience the movie theater offers The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Event marks a new landmark in cinematic history.”

 Warner Home Video will release all three of Jackson’s epic adventures in their extended edition versions on June 28 as a 15-disc trilogy The Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy: Extended Edition on Blu-ray. The trilogy features all three Extended Edition films on Blu-ray with nine Special Feature DVDs and over 26-hours of spellbinding behind-the-moviemaking material including the rare Costa Botes documentaries.  Botes was given unprecedented access to the set of each production by Jackson and features in-depth behind-the-scenes film footage. ,2454
Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21 Upgrades in Time for Thor Opening,2011-05-31, The Pacific Winnetka 21 multiplex in Chatsworth California upgraded the sound system for its number nine screen in time for the opening weekend of Thor. Used in tandem with a new Dolby 3D projection system the exhibitor believes that the heightened sonic experience of Meyer Sound’s EXP cinema sound technology is a key component of Pacific Theatres’ immersive 3D experience. “The accurate delivery of the creative content is of the utmost importance to the movie going experience and the EXP System exceeded our expectations. Meyer Sound was very professional in their approach to the design of the sound system while effectively collaborating with all of our partners in the project. It was a pleasure to partner with Meyer for this renovation ” says Joe Miraglia director of design construction and facilities for Pacific Theatres.

 The Meyer Sound EXP installation—the first of its kind to be installed in a California commercial cinema—was part of a thorough technology and amenities upgrade for screen nine of the multiplex. The all self-powered EXP system comprises Acheron 100 and Acheron LF screen channel loudspeakers flush-mounted HMS-10 surround loudspeakers and X-800C cinema subwoofers. The system is precisely optimized by a Galileo loudspeaker management system with Galileo 616 and Galileo 408 processors.

 The EXP audio upgrade complements the new 79-foot wall-to-wall curved screen which helps simulate the feeling of being surrounded. New dual digital NEC projectors equipped with the Dolby 3D system were installed to create a crisp bright image. The auditorium was completely refurbished including new wider more comfortable seating.
 Universal Cinema Services of Euless Texas installed the technology in conjunction with ACS Enterprises of Walnut Caliornia under the supervision of the Dolby technical team. Audio system design was provided by Meyer Sound Design Services using the MAPP Online 

Pacific Theatres operates eight cinema locations with more than 100 screens in Southern California while a sister company ArcLight Cinemas operates an additional 61 screens at four locations in the same area. The Decurion Corporation of Los Angeles owns both exhibitors. Meyer Sound ,2456
Phoenix Theatres Now All Digital,2011-05-31, Phoenix Theatres announced today Legends 14 at Village West in Kansas City Kansas is now a fully digital cinema. Each of the theatres' 14 auditoriums features digital projection and seven are capable of playing digital 3D movies. The theatre's largest auditorium The Main Attraction has a 650-seat auditorium with an 87-foot wide screen and VIP Balcony Seating. The Main Attraction also offers at-your-seat-service as well as a full bar and food menu. Legends 14 premiered as a fully digital cinema on May 20 with the highly anticipated release of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. A special midnight showing was offered on May 19th. Digital cinema gives audiences an opening night experience every night said Phil Zacheretti President of Phoenix Theatres which manages Legends 14. As Hollywood is converting to all digital we wanted to ensure our guests see the movies the way filmmakers intended. So in addition to the already terrific seats stadium auditoriums and digital surround sound Legends 14 is now also the perfect destination to enjoy the highest quality entertainment presentation. Phoenix Theatres ,2457
POP Sound Handled the Audio on Jiro Dreams,2011-05-31, POP Sound provided sound editorial and mixing services for Jiro Dreams of Sushi director David Gelb’s new documentary. Re-recording mixer Tim Hoogenakker led the sound team for the film which tells the story of an 85-year-old master sushi chef from Japan and his quest to create the perfect piece of sushi. Magnolia Pictures recently acquired North American rights to the film just ahead of its screening at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. For a documentary the film includes an unusually large number of sound design elements as Hoogenakker and his crew who also included supervising sound editor Darren Sunny Warkentin Foley editor Anthony Vanchure and sound editor Chris Johnston sought to recreate the signature sounds of a Japanese kitchen. Toward that end the Foley stage at POP Sound was set up like a sushi kitchen with a large countertop an assortment of knives and a collection of raw fish bought at a local market. “We wanted to record our guys slicing tuna and scraping knives across bones to recreate a sense of how these chefs do their craft with such fine precision ” Hoogenakker says. Many of the scenes showing sushi preparation appear in slow motion and required special sound treatment. “One of the things that Jiro talks about is having grand dreams of sushi and that became our theme ” explains Warkentin. “Especially in the slow motion scenes we kept things surreal and dreamy.” “We also wanted to keep everything appetizing ” Warkentin adds. “We were very conscious of that when we did the Foley. When they were using knives to cut the fish for example we wanted it to sound real but not in a way that might make the audience squeamish.” One of the most challenging scenes involved a busy Japanese fish market. The finished sound is primarily made up from production elements with a few Foley and sound effects elements blended in to give audiences the sense that they are in the middle of the action. “They take the auctioning of fish very seriously ” Hoogenakker says. “It sounds almost like they are chanting.” Gelb praised the work of the POP Sound team stating that their creativity and technical skills “added a whole new layer of life to the film. Moments that were in slow motion and silent in our rough cut are elevated and lush with surreal and dream-like effects that are subtle yet powerful ” Gelb says. “Dialogue that was totally inaudible before is now crystal clear. Jiro Dreams of Sushi is an absolute pleasure to listen to.” ,2458
Rogers Cinema 100th Exhibitor to Sign VPF Deal with Cinedigm,2011-05-31, Rogers Cinema a member of National Association of Theatre Owners’ Cinema Buying Group has signed a VPF agreement with Cinedigm making it the 100th exhibitor to sign on to Cinedigm’s Phase Two.  Rogers Cinema is a nearly 40-year old family company that operates theatres in Wisconsin and Michigan. NATO and the CBG congratulate our partners at Cinedigm and all the many exhibitors who have made the move to digital cinema ” says John Fithian president of NATO. “This important technological transition will improve the quality and diversity of entertainment for our industry's patrons.  We encourage all CBG members to work with Cinedigm and get on board the digital train now. ”Cinedigm is without question the number one choice for exhibitors to entrust with their digital cinema program ” says Chuck Goldwater president Media Services Group.  “We have earned that trust with an unmatched record of reliability and proven performance delivering on our promises since day one of digital cinema.  We are so proud of all our exhibitor partners our vendor and lender partners and especially appreciative of the tremendous support of our studio partners.  We look forward to continuing to support their digital cinema business plans and ambitions for many years to come.” Cinedigm ,2459
Digital Signage Companies EnQii Holdings and Minicom Merge,2011-05-31, EnQii Holdings and Minicom Digital Signage have merged in an effort financed by Jerusalem Venture Partners with other existing shareholders Wellington Partners Amadeus Capital Partners and Aviv Ventures. The new financing will go towards expanding the current businesses as well as to provide resources for additional acquisitions. 
 “This is an exciting milestone for the industry as it creates a true global powerhouse providing an integrated suite of hardware software and services required for the best digital signage deployments going forward ” says Ajay Chowdhury CEO of the new venture and former CEO of EnQii. “I am particularly excited with our new solutions such as IP Streaming mobile and web linkages and the ability to provide proof of performance for signage networks.”   
  Headquartered in New York City EnQii-MDS will operate from six offices around the world and a global network of dedicated partners that includes 150 worldwide distributors serving thousands of resellers and system integrators. 
“This strategic move creates a powerful vertical solution in an industry that has been plagued by complexity ” says Ronni Guggenheim president of EnQii-MDS and former CEO of Minicom Digital Signage. “This gives us a deeper base to continue to provide compelling innovations in this rapidly growing industry to our current and future partners across the globe.” 
 Gadi Tirosh general partner at JVP and chairman of MDS says “When we invested in MDS over a year ago we clearly identified the potential of leveraging MDS’ unique market position and channels as a platform for further growth organically and through M&A. This merger is the realization of this strategy creating the most prominent fastest growing market leader.” ,2460
Phoenix Big Cinemas Signs with Screenvision,2011-05-31, Screenvision has signed a new long-term agreement with Phoenix Big Cinemas Management
Headquartered in Knoxville Tennessee Phoenix Big Cinemas operates 14 theatres and 128 screens with a variety of locations including Los Angeles Washington D.C. Cleveland-Akron Orlando-Daytona Beach and Kansas City. Additional cities include West Palm Beach Florida; Las Vegas Nevada and Norfolk Virginia. 
  Under the deal Screenvision will digitize the Phoenix Big Cinemas’ circuit and have exclusive local regional and national on-screen advertising selling rights as well as exclusive rights to the Phoenix Big Cinemas website advertising.   Additionally Screenvision will have rights to sell in-theatre and online promotions.
“The partnership between Screenvision and Phoenix Big Cinemas expands our digital footprint including our online network and further illustrates that exhibitors continue to see the value that comes with partnering with Screenvision ” says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president operations and exhibitor relations Screenvision. “We are delighted to bring unique entertainment to Phoenix Big Cinemas with this extended agreement.” Screenvision ,2461
ScreenSingapore to be held June 5-12

,2011-05-31, Singapore is scheduled for June 5-12. The organizers have planned a long list of events including world international and Asia-Pacific premieres of prominent Hollywood European and Asian films through a series of red carpet gala and preview evenings. The opening night at Golden Village Vivocity will unveil a special presentation of the latest thriller The Devil Inside Me by director Zhang Qi and starring Tony Leung Ka-Fai (Detective Dee and the Mystery of the Phantom Flame) and Kelly Lin (Reign of Assassins). Director Gordon Chan (Painted Skin) producer Abe Kwong Man-Wai (The Lost Bladesman) and stars Yan Ni Colin Chou Liu Yan Zheng Shuang Xie Nan and Bao Bei-Er will walk the red carpet to present new footage from the highly anticipated film The Mural while director Jingle Ma (Mulan) will be attending with actress Tang Wei (Lust Caution) to unveil the latest scenes from the Chinese action drama Speed Angel.

 Japan Night features two International Premieres: the Warner Bros' Japan live adaptation of Ai Yazawa's popular manga series Paradise Kiss starring Keiko Kitagawa (Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift) and Osamu Mukai. Actress Aya Omasa will be in attendance to present the film while Japanese singing sensation May'n (May Nakabayashi) will present her latest 3D concert Film May'n the Movie - Phonic Nation. An evening of action films presents the World Premiere of the latest Hong Kong martial arts comedy Treasure Inn which will see award-winning actor Nick Cheung (The Stool Pigeon) Huang Yi (The Legend is Born - Ip Man) Liu Yang as well as prolific director Wong Jing (God of Gamblers) walk the red carpet as well as the International Premiere of French film The Assault with actress Melanie Bernier and director Julien Leclercq in attendance. Two much-anticipated summer blockbusters will be showcased on Hollywood Night: the family comedy Mr. Popper's Penguins starring Jim Carrey and Super 8 J.J. Abrams' latest science-fiction thriller produced by Steven Spielberg and starring Ella Fanning Amanda Michalka as well as Kyle Chandler.

A tribute to Bollywood will see superstar Shah Rukh Khan present a sneak preview of his upcoming science-fiction superhero film Ra.One directed by Anubhav Sinha (Cash) while Asin will walk the red carpet for the World Premiere of the remake of Ready directed by Anees Bazmee (Singh is King) on June 9. A night dedicated to films helmed by Singaporean filmmakers will consist of two International Premieres: Where the Road Meets the Sun directed by award-winning Singaporean Yong Munchee and starring Fernando Noriega Laura Ramsey and Luke Brandon Field all of whom will be coming to Singapore for the occasion and the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival Competition family comedy Jesus Henry Christ with actor Jason Spevack (Sunshine Cleaning) director and writer Dennis Lee (Fireflies in the Garden) and Singapore producer Sukee Chew in attendance.

 The closing night for ScreenSingapore will be dedicated to the Asia-Pacific premiere of Larry Crowne starring Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks. Two-time Academy Award winner Tom Hanks who also directs and co-writes the dramatic comedy will grace the premiere held at the S$20 million refurbished Shaw Lido Theatre in the heart of Singapore.

The Asian Short Film Awards@ScreenSingapore on June 5 celebrates the art of short film story-telling and creativity by filmmakers from the Asia Pacific region. Running concurrently with ScreenSingapore the Awards aims to provide filmmakers with an opportunity to showcase their work to a global audience.

 In its inaugural year three-time Academy Award winning filmmaker Oliver Stone heads the jury comprising esteemed film industry professionals around the world including Eric Khoo Devesh Chetty and Maggie Lee to select the winning filmmakers out of the 90 entries that have been submitted from 15 countries and regions. The winning filmmaker will be announced at ScreenSingapore on 5 June and receive a cash prize of SGD$20 000 (USD$15 800) sponsored by RGM Media and an invitation to attend ScreenSingapore with accommodation and travel expenses covered.

The top 20 Finalists have already been selected by the jury and they comprise five entries from Singapore three from Japan one from the Philippines one from Malaysia two from Indonesia one from Taiwan one from Thailand three from China one from New Zealand and two from Hong Kong. All finalists will each receive complimentary ScreenSingapore Accreditation.

Expo@ScreenSingapore June 7-9 is a trade exhibition to provide a marketing platform networking opportunities for suppliers service providers buyers and entertainment media professionals as well as cinema operators to discover business opportunities partnerships and to be engaged in themed debates. This will take place over three days from 7 to 9 June with participating companies such as Christie Digital Distribution Workshop Fortissimo and Hyde Park Entertainment.

 Throughout the duration of the event ScreenSingapore will feature sneak preview screenings at major cineplexes - Golden Village Shaw and Cathay - where movie enthusiasts can be one of the first to catch these movies ahead of their scheduled release in cinemas.

 Some of the preview movies include The City of Your Final Destination (UK) directed by James Ivory starring Anthony Hopkins A Beautiful Life (China) starring Shu Qi and Liu Ye Brighton Rock (UK) starring Helen Mirren The New Daughter (US) starring Kevin Costner the Korean blockbuster hit Haunters (Korea) starring Ko Soo and Kang Dong Won and many more. ScreenSingapore ,2463
Maine Media Workshops Sony Schedule Summer Courses,2011-05-31, Maine Media Workshops is joining forces with Sony Electronics to give students and working professionals a chance to get their hands on the next generation of digital production technology. Starting this summer workshops are available using Sony’s new handheld Super 35mm PMW-F3 and NEX-FS100U camcorders and XDCam EX camcorders. “Working with Maine Media we’re able to offer something for everyone in digital production ” says Wayne Zuchowski marketing manager at Sony Electronics. “As students prepare for their careers in the digital media world it’s critical that they have access to state-of-the-art production technology the very same gear that they’ll be using in a professional environment. And working professionals need to continually refine their craft. These specially focused and highly targeted workshops are designed to provide the tools and hands-on experience needed to succeed.” To give participants the best experience and help them make the most of their time at Maine Media the workshops are led by working professionals with diverse backgrounds in digital production. Doug Jensen a cinematographer producer/director/editor consultant and founder of Vortex Media as well as a member of Sony’s select Independent Certified Experts team will teach Digital Cinematography with Sony’s Super 35mm HD Camcorders August 7-13; and Production of Broadcast-quality Training and Promotional Videos August 14-20. “Every aspect of digital production is changing at an extremely fast pace ” Jensen says. “Workshops like these are invaluable for helping students and professionals keep pace. Regardless of your level of experience coming in the goal is to have participants leave these workshops well-equipped to use the newest technology in the most effective and efficient ways.” Other courses are also scheduled to be led by top professionals such as Francis Kenny ASC a veteran DP and cinematographer who will teach Advanced Digital Cinematography a master class in digital motion picture and TV production June 26–July 2 and September 18-24. “Sony’s cameras and camcorders have been industry leaders in digital production for years ” says Kate Fletcher director of marketing for Maine Media Workshops. “We’re extremely excited about their support of our workshops and we’re confident that our participants will benefit tremendously from their experiences here.” Courses cover a range of topics from nature and wildlife documentary to advanced digital cinematography to feature film lighting. A full schedule with information on how to register is available at ,2464
Aaron Sorkin to Receive UCLA Screenwriting Award ,2011-05-31, The Social Network’s Armie Hammer will present Oscar winning writer Aaron Sorkin the UCLA School of Theater Film and Television’s 2011 Distinguished Achievement in Screenwriting Award.  The award presentation is a part of TFT’s Festival of New Creative Work’s Screenwriters Showcase on June 6th at Ralph Freud Playhouse in Westwood. Writer/producer Mike Werb will serve as master of ceremonies for the event.
 At the Festival’s Producers Marketplace June 7th Producer’s Guild co-president Hawk Koch will present this year’s UCLA TFT’s Vision Award to producer Lawrence Bender at the Billy Wilder/Hammer Museum.  Bull’s Eye Entertainment partner and producer of Crash and The Illusionist Tom Nunan will be the evening’s host.   The 16th annual Screenwriters Showcase celebrates the work of UCLA's Graduate students past and present. Portions of eight scripts (five feature film and three television scripts) will be previewed in five-minute staged excerpts. These scripts were selected by a panel of over 200 industry judges in a competition that began in March.   In addition to the Vision Award presentation the Producers Marketplace will feature three graduate student finalists from UCLA’s distinguished Producers Program: Ryan Slattery’s Burden Of Proof; Aisha Summers for Confessions of A Modern Day Dog; and The Poker Kid from Michael Acosta.  Each finalist will present their feature film projects to a panel of top-tier industry judges take to the stage and present their five-minute concept pitches. They then field a battery of questions from the judges about how they plan to get their projects made. The judges will select the most promising proposal and present the winning producer the UCLA Producers Marketplace Award as well as a cash award from Producer/Alum Dan Angel '90. The audience will also get to select its favorite pitch.  The Vision Award is presented by the Producers Guild of America and UCLA’s TFT. ,2467
Iceland Cinemas Install Management Systems for Digital Conversion,2011-05-31, Iceland exhibitors Sena and SamFilm have installed the Rosettabridge Theatre Management System from Unique Digital as an integral part of their conversion to full digital cinema in their respective facilities in Reykjavik. SamFilm currently operates a total of six cinemas with 19 screens; Sena operates three cinemas with 12 screens. UK integrator Sound Associates was responsible for supplying and installing a full digital cinema package including Barco projectors Dolby servers and QSC audio processors in each multiplex. The RosettaBridge TMS is used to control all the day-to-day operations. “We have steadily been converting our entire estate to digital and for our cinema in Smarabio we wanted to take the next step towards a fully automated solution ” says Jon Eirikur Johannsson manager movie theatres Sena. “We wanted a system that could integrate directly with our full range of Barco and Dolby equipment and Rosettabridge provides us complete control through its easy to use GUI.” SamFilm opened the eagerly awaited four-screen multiplex at Egishollen. Bjorn Arnason managing director says “From the start we had designed the new cinema to be state-of-the art from box-office to the booth. We chose the Unique Rosettabridge system as it offered the complete solution from content management to automated control of the weekly schedule. Linked to our country wide network we are able to deliver advertising and content directly from our central office as well being able to program and monitor the site remotely.” Rod Wheeler sales and marketing director of Unique Digital says “Following detailed discussion with both customers and their integrator partner Sound Associates on their specific requirements this announcement is validation of Unique Digital’s experience in delivering fully integrated solutions. We are proud to support both Sena and SamFilm in ensuring continued success with their new cinemas.” ,2468
Unit Upgrades Color Grading Services,2011-05-31, In a significant boost to its color grading services for commercials Soho post-production company Unit has purchased a Baselight HD color grading system from FilmLight. The new grading system is installed at Unit’s newly opened 9400 square-foot facility and is part of the service offering of the company’s specialty sub-brand The Finish which also provides visual effects and compositing services. Unit has also purchased FilmLight’s Kompressor technology and is using it to connect Baselight with its central SAN and share files and data seamlessly with its Autodesk visual effects and compositing systems as well as the Apple Final Cut Pro editing systems employed by its sub-brand The Cut. Unit CEO Adam Luckwell says his staff conducted a thorough technical review of grading systems and also polled the company’s advertising clients regarding their preferences for grading. “Almost across the board they said Baselight ” Luckwell says. He adds that they also found that virtually all of the top post houses in London use Baselight as their primary grading system. “At that point it became an easy decision ” he says. “We considered other systems…but not for very long.” Unit senior colorist Simon Astbury says that Baselight’s ability to import and export XML files will make it easy for him to collaborate with editors on projects. Additionally Baselight’s robust features will greatly enhance his ability to carry out complex grading functions required by high-end commercials work. He therefore believes Baselight will help Unit attract more work from London’s top advertising agencies. “It’s a product that opens doors simply through its reputation ” Astbury says. “As far as I’m concerned it’s the best grading system out there.” FilmLight Unit ,2469
Warner Bros. to Acquire Flixster Rotten Tomatoes,2011-05-31, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group has announced an agreement to acquire Flixster a highly popular movie discovery application company with over 25 million worldwide users per month. The acquisition also includes Rotten Tomatoes a top website devoted to film reviews information and news. Under the terms of the deal Flixster will continue to operate independently and will expand its services beyond movie discovery to enable digital content ownership and delivery across any connected digital device. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group will use the Flixster brand and technical expertise to launch a number of initiatives designed to grow digital content ownership including the recently announced consumer application “Digital Everywhere.” This studio-agnostic application will be the ultimate destination for consumers to organize and access their entire digital library from anywhere on the device of their choice as well as to share recommendations and discover new content. The Flixster acquisition and “Digital Everywhere ” combined with the studio’s support of the UltraViolet format are all part of an overall strategy to give consumers even more freedom utility and value for their digital purchases.
 “Driving the growth of digital ownership is a central strategic focus for Warner Bros. ” says Kevin Tsujihara president Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group and Office of the President Warner Bros. Entertainment. “The acquisition of Flixster will allow us to advance that strategy and promote initiatives that will help grow digital ownership.” Flixster is currently the number one movie discovery application on mobile platforms with over 35 million downloads to date including Android Blackberry and iPad and ranks among the most downloaded of all iPhone apps.  Rotten Tomatoes is one of the most trusted and influential brands in movie reviews with over 12 million unique visitors per month. Flixster and Rotten Tomatoes will remain fully independent. The Flixster team will stay in San Francisco and the Rotten Tomatoes team will continue to work autonomously in Los Angeles.
 “We’re thrilled that Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Group shares our vision for how ‘anytime anywhere’ digital entertainment can become an amazing user experience ” says Joe Greenstein co-founder and CEO of Flixster. “We’re excited that Warner was willing to make this kind of commitment to a leading independent consumer platform. We look forward to working with Warner as well as each of the other studios to innovate and build products that users will love.” ,2470
Doremi Cinema Achieves DCI Compliance for IMB,2011-05-31, Doremi Cinema has become the first server manufacturer to pass the Compliance Test Plan with an Integrated Media Block for use in a DLP Cinema Series II projector. The DCI standard was created by the Digital Cinema Initiatives to maintain specific criteria for the digital cinema industry such as high quality image interoperability and content security. The Compliance Test Plan was created by DCI as a uniform testing procedure for these standards. CineCert is the third part testing facility licensed by DCI to administer the testing procedures defined in the CTP in the United States. “The team at DLP Cinema congratulates Doremi on this milestone ” says Dave Duncan manager of DLP Cinema for Texas Instruments. “We have had a long partnership with Doremi and value their commitment to excellence in the cinema industry.” “Passing the CTP was unquestionably a challenge. We   allotted vast engineering resources over the last year to guarantee that our promises to the industry and our customers were achieved ” says Michael Archer vice president of digital cinema at Doremi. “Attaining DCI compliance is mandatory for any server manufacturer wanting to play in the digital cinema space.  With the studios pushing for compliant equipment Doremi is once again ensuring their customers are not at risk within a VPF agreement when it comes to DCI compliant IMBs.” ,2472
European 3D Film Market Scheduled in December in Belgium,2011-06-14, Jean-Claude Marcourt Minister of Economy for the Walloon Region of Belgium has announced the launch of the first co-production market for 3D-stereoscopic films in Europe and beyond. The purpose of the 3D Film Market is to enable film producers for cinema and television who have projects at a development stage to meet with co-producers sales agents distributors and financiers from around the world. About 20 projects will be preselected and about 10 investors will be invited. Other investors may participate as well. The project promoters and the investors will interact via pitching sessions and individual meetings. A panel of experts will rank the selected projects. One goal of the 3D Film Market is promote the production of 3D films at the European level. It should have an impact at the cultural artistic technical and economic levels in Europe.

The 3D Film Market is an official project funded by the European MEDIA Programme. The project was submitted to the European Commission by the organizers of the international 3D Stereo MEDIA event TWIST (Technologies from Wallonia for Image Sound and Text) and the German company peacefulfish. The market will be held as part of 3D Stereo MEDIA on December 7-8 in Liège Belgium. 

Organizers say that the Walloon region of Belgium and especially the region of Liège located in the heart of Europe already offers many technological and artistic skills in the field of imaging especially in stereoscopic 3D. The Call for Projects and the conditions for participating in the 3D Film Market will be available on June 6 on The deadline for submitting projects is September 1. ,2476
Shakespeare Series Coming to US Cinemas in June,2011-06-14, Arts Alliance Media has announced a deal with Shakespeare’s Globe to bring a series of the best Shakespeare performances to cinemas across the UK and Ireland. The series will launch in cinemas globally from this June with more than 250 cinemas in the USA already lined up to take part through NCM Fathom. The Shakespeare in Cinema series will initially feature four performances recorded during the 2010 Kings and Rogues season – The Merry Wives of Windsor Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 and Henry VIII. Founded by the pioneering American actor and director Sam Wanamaker the Globe is a faithful reconstruction on London’s South Bank of a 16th Century open-air playhouse. Shakespeare’s Globe is home to one of the most successful theatre companies in the country with a worldwide reputation for performance excellence. Combined with its international education department and exhibition Shakespeare’s Globe is a unique international resource dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare’s work as well as a focal point for the study of Shakespeare in performance. Dominic Dromgoole artistic director of Shakespeare’s Globe says “With the advent of new technology it is now possible to see and hear theatrical productions in the cinema with a wonderful sharpness and clarity.  We are delighted that these productions will be finding new audiences who can experience Globe shows as if they were in the building.” Elizabeth Draper Arts Alliance Media’s vice president of alternative content distribution adds “The superb digital cinema picture and sound quality that viewers can experience in their cinemas brings them even closer to the action of these world-class productions all for the price of a cinema ticket. We’re delighted to be working with one of the most highly regarded Shakespeare companies in the world and look forward to making the Shakespeare Cinema Series experience a truly unique one for theatre and cinema lovers and students worldwide”. The series will launch from the end of June with The Merry Wives of Windsor Shakespeare’s brilliantly constructed farce often described as the forerunner to today’s sitcoms bringing a “delightful” (The Guardian) show with “warmth and sparkle” (Financial Times) to screens. Audiences can enjoy the entertainment of Christopher Benjamin’s Falstaff in Christopher Luscombe’s production which The Daily Telegraph “cannot recommend...too highly”. Henry IV Parts 1 & 2 performed at the Globe for the first time in 2010 and described by the Daily Telegraph as “one of this popular theatre’s finest achievements” continue the series through 2011. Featuring an Olivier Award winning performance from Roger Allam Part 1 combines compelling power politics with the hilarious antics of Falstaff Shakespeare’s greatest comic creation with Part 2 including some of the greatest dramatic moments in Shakespeare. Also featuring the acclaimed Jamie Parker William Gaunt and Oliver Cotton and directed by Dominic Dromgoole The Stage called it “spellbinding”. The season continues with a rare opportunity to see Henry VIII famous in its own day as Shakespeare’s most sumptuous and spectacular play and little performed in the present day. A performance of Henry VIII on 29 June 1613 was responsible for burning down the original Globe Theatre. A new production in 2010 directed by Mark Rosenblatt and featuring Dominic Rowan Miranda Raison and Anthony Howell is a gorgeous pageant of masques and royal ceremony and was described by the London Theatre Blog as “an absolute triumph for the Globe”. More details of the screenings including currently confirmed UK venue details and release dates can be found at More cinemas and more territories will be added to the list in the coming weeks. Arts Alliance Media ,2477
Documentary about Sarah Palin in Theatres in July,2011-06-14,The Undefeated which chronicles Sarah Palin's rise from obscurity to national prominence will play exclusively at select AMC Theatres starting on July 15th. The film will launch in Dallas  Denver  Oklahoma City  Orlando  Atlanta  Orange County  Phoenix  Houston Indianapolis and Kansas City. Cinedigm Digital Cinema is managing the theatrical release and ARC Entertainment has taken on worldwide distribution responsibilities for the project. Written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon and produced by Victory Film Group co-founder Glenn Bracken Evans and Dan Fleuette  The Undefeated was independently financed by Victory Film Group and its partners. After screening The Undefeated we took the unusual step of immediately exploring an expedited theatrical release something we normally wouldn't do during the busy summer months says Trevor Drinkwater CEO ARC Entertainment. AMC is committed to providing distinct content to diverse audiences across the United States says Nikkole Denson-Randolph vice president specialty & alternative content at AMC Theatres. We are proud to consistently offer a wide variety of product to our guests. The Undefeated is the ideal candidate for digital theatrical distribution says Jonathan Dern president of Cinedigm Entertainment Group. Given Palin's ardent following throughout the country digital cinema allows us to be extremely precise and efficient in our distribution strategy bringing this much-anticipated film directly to interested theatre-goers. In addition to the cities in which the movie is expected to launch the public also will be encouraged to vote on future theatre locations that may screen The Undefeated. Voting takes place at We are thrilled that AMC will give The Undefeated a national theatrical release this summer says Evans. The documentary is made to be seen on a big screen. With its story of a small-town girl who against all odds rises to the pinnacles of American government the film plays with all the drama of a Rocky picture only with a woman as the central figure and with politics instead of boxing. The film includes leading prominent political commentators Mark Levin  Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart as well as conservative activists Kate Obenshein  Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke. Additionally the film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants elected officials and advisors who were involved in Alaskan politics during Governor Palin's tenure. We are extremely excited about the initial reception of The Undefeated. We knew we had a great story to tell about a true American hero says  Bannon. AMC Entertainment Cinedigm Digital Cinema Victory Film Group ,2479
The Clip Trail Debuts at New York Internet Week,2011-06-14,A scavenger hunt featuring location-based service Foursquare where New Yorkers and tourists played an interactive game to unlock some of the most memorable movie scenes in New York debuted at New York Internet Week. The hunt let anyone relive their favorite movie moments by climbing the Empire State Building with King Kong connecting with the Big Apple and winning prizes. Called The Clip Trail and powered by AnyClip technology the hunt began with sticker Quick Response codes distributed in real locations at some of the most memorable New York film settings. Once people scanned their QR codes they were entered into the scavenger hunt where they could unlock their favorite movie moments for a chance to win six months of free movies at NYC's Angelika Film Center valued at $300. Additionally Foursquare users who followed AnyClip could unlock tips when they checked in to real locations to unlock and discover some of film's most celebrated movie moments. AnyClip's proprietary tagging capabilities offer location-based services the metadata needed to augment a consumer's reality and give them the notion that they are part of the movie. This campaign represents a shift in the way movie studios and advertisers can think about location-based services and is the first of its kind to integrate both Hollywood classics and Blockbusters alike to drive consumer interest in a fun unique way says AnyClip chief executive officer Oren Nauman. Metadata is a powerful tool and Foursquare's open API allows us to relive movie moments literally in the locations they were created. The consumer is then able to make an emotional connection to that physical location and brands can use that to promote and sell their products. AnyClip enables users to find any moment from any movie in its database. Its technology and innovative user experience allows consumers to relive their favorite moments from their favorite movies. AnyClip partners with film and television studios to create new promotional channels for movies and monetize their catalog content. ,2480
Michael Goi Elected to Third Term as ASC President,2011-06-14,Michael Goi has been elected to serve a third term as president of the American Society of Cinematographers. The other ASC officers also voted in are vice presidents Richard Crudo Owen Roizman and John C. Flinn III; treasurer Victor J. Kemper; secretary Fred Goodich; and sergeant at arms Stephen Lighthill. Members elected to the ASC Board of Governors include John Bailey Stephen H. Burum George Spiro Dibie Richard Edlund Fred Elmes Francis Kenny Isidore Mankofsky Robert Primes Kees Van Oostrum Haskell Wexler and Vilmos Zsigmond. I am honored to be re-elected by a membership that is filled with tremendously talented and accomplished artists says Goi. It is a privilege to represent an organization that is committed to educating aspiring filmmakers as well as advancing and protecting our art form. Some highlights for the ASC over Goi's last term include the organization's first International Cinematography Summit Conference and the successful launch of the Friends of the ASC program. The ASC hosted cinematographers from around the world at the ICSC to discuss the tools and techniques that are being used in different regions address where the profession is headed and establish an open dialogue about issues concerns innovations and common goals. Friends of the ASC was introduced in 2010 to support the ASC's primary goal of educating budding filmmakers. The program includes unprecedented access to exclusive content about lighting camerawork and associated technologies as well as access to industry events featuring ASC members. Goi is a Chicago native who studied filmmaking at Columbia College Chicago. He launched his career shooting PBS documentaries while he was still a student. After completing his education in 1980 Goi began shooting local commercials and documentaries. He also opened a studio where he concentrated on fashion and product still photography. Goi earned his first narrative film credit for Moonstalker in 1987. He has subsequently earned some 50 narrative credits for feature films and episodic television programs. Goi earned ASC Outstanding Achievement Awards nominations for the telefilms The Fixer (1999) and Judas (2005) and an Emmy nomination for an episode of My Name is Earl (2009). His credits also include Witless Protection Fingerprints Red Water What Matters Most Who Killed Atlanta's Children? Christmas Rush Funky Monkey Welcome to Death Row The Dukes the Emmy® Award-winning documentary Fired-Up: The Story of Public Housing in Chicago and the TV series The Wedding Bells The Mentalist Mr. Sunshine Web Therapy and The Nine Lives of Chloe King. He also wrote produced and directed the narrative film Megan is Missing. Goi is a member of both the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the Academy of Television Arts And Sciences and serves on the National Executive Board of the International Cinematographers Guild. The American Society of Cinematographers ,2481
Barco Offers New Digital Cinema Projector Certification Classes ,2011-06-14, Barco has added two new classes Projector Operations and Basic Troubleshooting and Theatre Systems Integration to augment its existing curriculum of installation operations and service training programs.  Taught by highly experienced industry professionals these classes complement the Center of Excellence’s current courses: Installation and Basic Maintenance and Advanced Diagnostics and Service.  The expanded curriculum will enable projector operators and designated theatre personnel to successfully install operate integrate service and troubleshoot Barco’s digital cinema projection systems. The new Projector Operations and Basic Troubleshooting course is a one-day certification class designed for theatre managers cinema owners booth technicians projectionists and other key personnel that are new to digital cinema.  Students will learn about the technology behind 2D and 3D digital cinema and receive detailed instruction on how to operate a Barco digital cinema projector utilize the touch screenCommunicator and perform troubleshooting and basic operator maintenance tasks. The new Theatre Systems Integration class is a Barco-exclusive course providing in-depth instruction about the entire digital cinema workflow.  This highly advanced four-day course strongly emphasizes hands-on participation and the importance of computer networking in the digital cinema domain.  Topics include theatre management systems projectors media players 3D systems automation systems light and color calibration equipment audio calibration equipment and pre-show content systems. The founding principle of the Barco University Center of Excellence is the importance of certification.  “By expanding our curriculum we are underscoring the fact that we offer a truly valuable portfolio of critical knowledge ” says Scott Nipper training manager for Barco North America.  “For each course students who obtain certification have achieved an extremely high standard of competency in installing operating servicing and maintaining our equipment.  Companies that employ these individuals can rest assured that they have been validated and verified as highly skilled certified personnel making them a valuable asset to their theatre operation.” ,2482
Ciné Entreprise in Quebec goes All Digital,2011-06-14, Les Cinémas Ciné Entreprise in Montreal Quebec has purchased 24 new Christie CP2000 Series projectors. They will be installed over the next year making the chain one of the first in Quebec to go 100 percent digital. The company is the first independent exhibitor in Canada to purchase the Christie 4K projection solution.

 With more than 50 screens in Quebec Ciné Entreprise is one of the province’s oldest chains. It specializes in presenting original French-language productions from both Quebec and international studios. 
“The Quebec market is one of the richest in North America in terms of original content much of it locally produced ” says John Hallman senior manager regional sales Canada. “It also has a very high rate of conversion to digital and with our leading-edge technology and reliability Christie is the ideal supplier for helping Ciné Entreprise make the transition.” 
 Says Raffaele Papalia president of Ciné Entreprise “We have built our business by giving our customers the best entertainment viewing experience available especially through innovation in film and sound quality. Christie is helping us move our business into the digital age.” 
 Ciné Entreprise was a pioneer in offering advertising and promotional support to its member cinemas and Christie’s projectors will offer the technical capabilities needed to provide even more options such as on-screen advertising. 
 Christie Digital Systems ,2484
Cinedigm to Advise Los Angeles Filmmakers,2011-06-14, Cinedigm will provide digital cinema advice to the 2011 Los Angeles Film Festival’s filmmakers. “Digital cinema is well known and understood at the studio and exhibitor level but is still somewhat unfamiliar territory for independent filmmakers ” says Maria Bozzi director of education at Film Independent. “We’re delighted that Cinedigm Digital Cinema is joining us at the Festival to educate filmmakers about the enormous opportunities they offer.” “Digital cinema provides amazing opportunities for filmmakers ” says Jill Newhouse Calcaterra chief marketing officer of Cinedigm.  “We are thrilled to educate the indie industry on how digital cinema can help them reach their audiences and generate increased downstream revenues via VOD BluRay and the like.” To kick off the educational partnership Cinedigm will be hosting the exclusive filmmaker reception June 20th during the Los Angeles Film Festival with executives on hand to share the story of digital cinema and answer any questions from the filmmakers. Cinedigm ,2485
Cinesite Cuts to the Chase,2011-06-14, Cinesite completed more than 300 stereoscopic visual effects shots for Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. For its first full stereo 3D project Cinesite was tasked with creating large-scale photorealistic 3D environments for a dramatic carriage chase through London.

 Working closely with overall visual effects supervisor Charles Gibson Cinesite’s visual effects supervisor Simon Stanley-Clamp spent several weeks on location in Greenwich and at historical buildings Hampton Court Palace and Middle Temple as well as being on set at Pinewood Studios. The film was shot in native stereo 3D using Red One cameras and Pace 3D camera rigs. 

 Starting inside St James’ Palace and progressing through three different exterior London environments the carriage chase sequence was shot against three large blue screens on location in Greenwich and comprises more than 200 back-to-back shots. Cinesite created complex 3D environments including full CG street builds with detailed period buildings as well as set and background extensions. Atmospheric smoke smog and fog were added to create an old London feel and extras shot in stereo against a blue screen were seamlessly composited to enhance the busy London street.

 As well as the challenge of recreating such a large-scale location Cinesite also faced challenges due to the stereoscopic nature of the film. Head of visual effects technology Michele Sciolette led Cinesite’s efforts to build the stereo production pipeline and develop a number of new tools to meet these challenges. These included csStereoColourMatcher a fully automated tool designed to compensate for color differences between stereoscopic image pairs. csPhotoMesh was used extensively by Cinesite’s environmental specialists to quickly build CG sets for environmental work. 

 Other shots Cinesite worked on include creating Barbossa’s peg leg throughout the film by replacing the blue sock Rush wore on set with a digital peg leg. They also created highly detailed CG poison dart frogs in four different colors. In addition to their proprietary tools Cinesite relied on Nuke Maya Houdini and RenderMan.

 “We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved on our first full stereo 3D project ” says Antony Hunt managing director Cinesite. “The complexities that stereoscopic work introduces combined with the sheer scale of some of the scenes we worked on presented some big challenges. But by drawing on our extensive experience in creating photorealistic CG environments and our expertise in motion analysis and color correction we were able to create some outstanding 3D visual effects.”  

 Cinesite ,2486
Deluxe Visual Effects Standardizes on Shotgun Software ,2011-06-14, Deluxe Entertainment Services Group has purchased a multi-site Shotgun license to connect its global facilities which include Method Studios in Los Angeles Vancouver New York and London; Postmodern in Sydney and Rushes in London. We are unifying our pipelines into a single global network that provides our clients with a huge pool of talent and resources says Dan Glass executive vice president Method Studios. After an extensive review process we chose Shotgun as the framework for this pipeline because of its proven track record and the quality of the team behind it. After doing an intensive build versus buy analysis we determined the Shotgun platform has evolved to the point where it is both faster and cheaper to build our pipeline on top of it instead of building the entire stack from scratch says Paul Ryan vice president technology Method Studios. We look forward to partnering with the Shotgun team on this project and expect the results to provide significant return on our investment. The work coming out of the visual effects studios at Deluxe is amazing and we are delighted they chose Shotgun as the basis for building their global pipeline says Don Parker CEO Shotgun Software. We are grateful for their support and look forward to a close collaboration. Shotgun ,2487
Dolby Surround 7.1 Makes Cannes Debut,2011-06-14,Dolby’s Surround 7.1 audio format made its first Cannes appearance this year when the 64th Festival de Cannes screened Walt Disney Motion Pictures Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was one of more than 30 screenings supported by the engineers of Dolby’s Production Services Group.   “Over the years Dolby has grown with the Festival de Cannes and this year we were proud to include Dolby Surround 7.1 in the technologies we were able to support at the festival ” says Julian Pinn director of distribution services Dolby Laboratories. “Dolby has been a part of people’s cinematic experience for 40 years; our extensive expertise has enabled us to build a strong relationship with the organizers and I look forward to continuing this relationship for another four decades.”   “Ever since 1974 Dolby has been a valued supporter of the Festival de Cannes in the pursuit of audio excellence ” says Gilles Jacob president of the Festival de Cannes. “In addition to their numerous advancements in cinema sound technologies through the years the Dolby team of international consultants work tirelessly each year in Cannes alongside the Commission Supérieure Technique de l’Image et du Son and the other Technical Partners of the festival. Dolby’s central role within the world’s post-production and distribution stages of the film industry provides a wealth of knowledge and experience to help ensure the technology used at the Festival de Cannes remains faithfully invisible behind the art of cinema.”   This year the festival also included a special screening celebrating the 40th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange. When originally released it was the first film to feature Dolby’s cinema technologies. ,2488
Associations Unite to Support Ratings Labeling Awareness,2011-06-14, The Digital Media Association Entertainment Merchants Association National Association of Recording Merchandisers and National Association of Theatre Owners have declared June to be Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month and in conjunction with the declaration are calling on all movie theaters and retailers of movies music and video games to emphasize the motion picture and video game ratings and music labeling systems as appropriate to their customers. 
 Entertainment Ratings and Labeling Awareness Month is sponsored by the four trade associations through their Coalition of Entertainment Retail Trade Associations. It is declared annually to promote the use of entertainment ratings and labels by encouraging retailers to review their ratings and labeling education and enforcement policies reemphasizing those policies to their employees and educating their customers about the movie and video game ratings and music labeling systems and store policies.
 “There is a bounty of wonderful entertainment options for people of all ages and the music labeling and motion picture and video game rating systems can help parents choose the right entertainment for their children ” CERTA declared. “While the decision as to what is appropriate for a particular child ultimately rests with the parent retailers can and do play an important role in empowering parents with the tools necessary to make those decisions: the entertainment ratings and labeling systems.”
  CERTA noted that the voluntary efforts in ratings and labeling education and enforcement by retailers are successful. The latest survey of ratings education and enforcement in retail establishments by the Federal Trade Commission released in April of this year showed significant improvement in ratings and labeling enforcement by all categories of entertainment retailers over the past decade. 
Retailers can learn more about CERTA and the entertainment industry’s ratings and labeling systems at ,2490
Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough Wins First 3D BAFTA,2011-06-14,Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough has become the first 3D documentary to win a BAFTA in the Specialist Factual category. Sir Attenborough's venture into the prehistoric era brings a magnificent view of an unobserved world back to life on 3D television and the IMAX screen. The project was posted at London’s On Sight. The company used an SGO Mistika for all the stereo 3D 2D and 3D IMAX post work. Due to the enormous scale of the project  On Sight networked two Mistika systems together on Hewlett Packard Z800 workstations and 24-inch monitors in order to improve efficiency where the online workload could be shared in real-time. This set-up using Mistika enabled the Mistika VFX and stereo 3D Artists Andy Lee and MiguelCaamaño at On Sight to work on specific tasks and thus maintain efficiency. One would work on a depth grade in one Mistika while simultaneously the other Mistika operator would work on a stereo correction which substantially accelerated the process. Attenborough had a clear idea of the story he wanted to tell but to shoot at a resolution suitable for both 3D television and 3D IMAX was a challenge. DP Tim Craggs using a Red One camera in 4K shot the footage in multiple worldwide locations. The challenge was to bring extinct pterosaurs back to life in CGI while conveying the story in stereo 3D. The location footage and CGI had to be carefully integrated in particular for one of the final sequences where Attenborough glides with a 50-foot wingspan pterosaur. Large amounts of visual effects footage for the program were received using Mistika and dropped it into the documentary. The stereo 3D finishing work which Mistika managed across the workflow at On Sight included stereo quality control conforming color matching color and stereo 3D depth grading  stereo fixing and compositing. Angus Cameron founding partner and post stereographer at Vision3 says “It is important that stereo 3D projects can be handled as efficiently as possible in post to encourage programme makers to embrace the medium. Mistika is an important tool when it comes to making this a reality. Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough was a ground-breaking project for both television and the big screen that presented a range of exciting challenges which we were happily able to meet.” Andy Shelley COO of On Sight says  “The Mistika platform  supported by Hewlett Packard Z800 workstations  provided incredible flexibility efficiency and stereo 3D workflows which allowed for real-time adjustments which was great for the client to be able to see immediate results in the finishing suite. Mistika's incredible power in stereo 3D has opened opportunities for film-makers to create exciting content now and in the future.” On Sight SGO ,2492
French Open Broadcast across Europe in 3D,2011-06-14, The entire 2011 French Tennis Open Roland Garros was broadcast live in 3D to more than 17 countries across Europe in cooperation with Eurosport making it one of the first multi-day sporting events available in 3D to thousands of European homes. 3D broadcast of the event was provided in France in partnership with Orange. Eurosport’s live 3D broadcast was distributed by many of the largest operators across Europe. Panasonic equipment is being used extensively in the production at Roland Garros including Panasonic’s latest 3D camcorder the upcoming AG-3DP1 which is being used for the first time for live broadcasting. Laurent Abadie chairman and CEO Panasonic Europe says “We were extremely excited to be able to fulfil the promise of live 3D TV in people’s living rooms. We feel we have come a long way from last year when we broadcast live to almost 3000 European retail stores to now be delivering 3D directly to peoples’ homes in over 17 countries as well as more than 7500 shops this year. Sporting events especially like the prestigious French Tennis Open offer a compelling 3D TV experience so it is important that the industry strives to do more live 3D sport broadcasts to help drive the 3D market forward.” Laurent-Eric Le Lay chairman and CEO Eurosport says The successful uptake of Eurosport's 3D coverage of the French Tennis Open by operators across Europe demonstrates the attractiveness and growing potential of live sports programming in 3D. Eurosport is delighted to take its longstanding partnership with Panasonic one step further to bring the French Tennis Open direct to sports fans homes in 17 different countries. This P2HD series 3D camcorder comes with a newly developed 17x twin lens zoom lens system (tentatively) and features an expanded range for both wide-angle and telephoto settings to provide an angle of view for diverse shooting situations. It combines high-sensitivity high-resolution sensors and high-quality 3D HD recording in a compact package making it easily portable for high action filming like sports events and movie production. HbbTV is a new pan-European initiative aimed at harmonizing the broadcast and broadband delivery of entertainment services. The countries Eurosport’s live 3D broadcast of the 2011 French Tennis Open was available in were: •    UK – Virgin •    Spain – DIGITAL+ •    Italy – Sky •    Belgium – Telenet Belgacom Voo •    Denmark – Canal digital •    Norway – Canal digital •    Sweden – Canal digital •    Finland – Canal digital Elisa •    Switzerland – Swisscom Cablecom •    Poland – Cyfra+ •    Ireland - UPC •    Czech Republic – UPC •    Hungary – UPC •    Romania – UPC •    Slovakia – UPC •    Estonia – Starman •    Bulgaria - Blizoo ,2493
Hollywood Center Studios Goes Solar,2011-06-14,Stages Five and Six at Hollywood Center Studios built in 1919 originally included clerestory windows so that film productions could be lit with natural light. Beginning in June the stages will again be lit at least partially by the energy of the sun through a new solar power system that will be one of the largest of its kind in Hollywood. Hollywood Center Studios has built two large solar power systems that will generate electricity for its 11 stages used to produce film television and commercial productions. Together the systems designed and built by Roseville California-based Solar Power Inc. are expected to generate more than 350 000-kilowatt hours per year. That will help reduce the studios’ electricity bill and further its goal to be a greener operation. “We hope to slow electrical consumption especially during peak hours and that could have a significant effect on our energy costs ” says Hollywood Center Studios executive vice president and COO Tim Mahoney. “Solar energy also appeals to the environmental concerns that we have—as well as many of the production companies that use our stages.” More than 700 solar panels have been installed on the roofs covering Stages 10 and 11 the facility’s newest stages and some 384 modules have been installed on the roofs of Stages Five and Six the facility’s original stages. Design and construction of the system took more than a year. Hollywood Center Studios has plans to add similar systems to other stages and buildings. “The rebate program has been a critical factor for many companies considering solar power ” says Jeff Pontius executive vice president of Solar Power Inc. “It would be unfortunate if that program were discontinued as solar energy benefits both companies and the environment.” Hollywood Center Studios has been actively pursuing a number of initiatives to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner. It has an ongoing program to replace the thousands of incandescent light bulbs on the lot with low-power LED units. It also operates a recycling program that salvages tons of material that would be otherwise thrown away—everything from soda cans to large television sets. Henry Rosales Hollywood Center Studios’ electrical foreman who oversaw much of the project said that the studios’ effort to go solar has received a warm welcome. “The feedback from our staff and our clients has been 100 percent positive ” he says. “They are impressed that a 92-year-old studio can do something so progressive.” Hollywood Center Studios ,2494
Kylie 3D – Aphrodite Les Folies in Theatres June 19th ,2011-06-14,Tickets are now on sale for Kylie 3D – Aphrodite Les Folies which will have special 2K digital screenings in cinemas across the UK and Ireland on June 19th. The Blink TV production for Darenote/Parlophone EMI Music in association with Sky 3D and directed by William Baker and Marcus Viner captures Kylie’s Aphrodite Les Folies world tour in 3D. Tom Colbourne produced. Brett Turnbull was director of photography. Melissa Byers was head stereographer. Steve Anderson and Toby Alington handle the audio post. Executive producers were Bill Lord Terry Blamey Kylie Minogue and Stefan Demetriou. The cinema presentation will be the full 120-minute cinema version. The 3D concert film distributed by Arts Alliance Media will be showing in the UK in selected Odeon and Apollo sites across the country with screenings also at selected UCI and Storm cinemas in Ireland. More countries and screenings will be announced in the coming days. The concert showcases hits from across Kylie’s career including Can’t Get You Out Of My Head Spinning Around What Do I Have To Do and an amazing reworked version of Slow. Also performed are singles from the current Platinum album Aphrodite such as Get Outta My Way Better Than Today and Put Your Hands Up all culminating in a stunning finale of All The Lovers. 
From golden chariots to flying angels and winged horses to water fountains – this is an epic Grecian-inspired show built for the big screen.   Arts Alliance Media’s CEO Howard Kiedaisch says “We are thrilled to be bringing Kylie to cinemas in 3D. The Aphrodite Les Folies shows were visually stunning and the 3D of the film really does them justice on the big screen. Cinemas are discovering what a great new experience 3D concert films are and we think audiences are going to love seeing Kylie’s sets and costumes up close as well as hearing the songs in full 5.1 surround sound quality” Stefan Demetriou vice president visual content strategy EMI says This is a 3D concert experience like no other; we’re all really proud to bring Kylie’s amazing Aphrodite Les Folies tour to cinemas.”