Finland's Most Expensive Live Action Film, Iron Sky, Finishes Shooting

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Tue, 12/08/2015 - 10:43 -- Nick Dager

Filming of the most expensive live action movie in Finnish film history, Iron Sky the Coming Race, has ended. The principal photography, taking place in AED Studios, near Antwerp, Belgium, employed hundreds of people for some two months.

Although major disasters were averted, smaller problems did occur. For example, during a scene taking place in a spaceship cockpit, the set caught on fire, and as a last-minute scare, in the final shooting week, male lead Vladimir Burlakov's shoulder was dislocated during a stunt rehearsal.

"The feeling is unreal. I set out to do an ambitious large-scale production and managed to finally wrap what I needed and more. We also succeeded in cutting four days off of the shooting schedule, thanks to an amazingly efficient film crew," said director Timo Vuorensola.

Now the movie enters the post-production phase, which is partly being done in Finland and partly in Germany. The VFX is being done by German Academy Award winning special effects studio Pixomondo. Composing the score will begin next summer together with Slovenian industrial band Laibach. The film had a budget of roughly $19 million.

Udo Kier, the 71-year old German actor legend, played not one but two major roles in the movie. Canadian comedian Tom Green brought to the screen an Apple-cult leader of menacingly maniacal proportions while the lead actors, Lara Rossi and Vladimir Burlakov, led the adventure from the dark side of the Moon all the way to the center of the Earth.

"I admit, I teared up as I thanked the actors for an immense work-load and an amazing performance," said Vuorensola.