FilmLight Hires Minuth to be Color Workflow Specialist

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Thu, 11/30/2017 - 10:22 -- Nick Dager

FilmLight has named Andy Minuth as its color workflow specialist. Minuth, originally from Germany, was most recently lead colorist at 1000Volt Post Production in Istanbul. There he was responsible for the grade of commercials as well as feature films.

FilmLight has named Andy Minuth as its color workflow specialist.“With [FilmLight’s] Baselight, I feel kind of limitless and incredibly confident,” said Minuth. “Some clients come into the grading session with headaches about particular shots or scenes. Often the shooting conditions were not optimal, for example. But when you set up the color journey correctly within Baselight, the image looks right. With that kind of power and precision, I can offer them solutions very fast and reassure them that their project will look great. 

“I am very much looking forward to talking to other creatives around the world, sharing my experience and helping them discover all that Baselight and the rest of FilmLight’s product range can do to help them reach their artistic goals,” he added. “I’m also excited to hear their stories about the productivity of the Baselight Linked Grade (BLG) workflow now that it’s reaching more artists - DITs, editors and compositors - throughout the production process.”   

While Minuth will be based in FilmLight’s new office in Munich, he will have a global presence for the company, helping users develop unified color pipelines and enhance skills wherever they may be located.

“The capabilities of Baselight and FilmLight’s portable, metadata-driven collaborative workflows are now incredibly rich and powerful,” said Mark Burton, head of EMEA sales for FilmLight. “Our customers need to know that we can have detailed conversations with them around workflows, color science and systems integration.

“We need to have those conversations in their language, in the language of creative post production,” he explained. “That is why it is so valuable for us to add another highly experienced, highly regarded colorist to our team. Andy’s technical, creative and people skills are second-to-none, and it is great to have him on board. I know he is going to be hugely popular with the community, and deliver real value for our clients who turn to him for support.”