European Commission Calls for Proposals for Cinemas as Innovation Hubs

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Thu, 08/22/2019 - 10:51 -- Nick Dager

The European Commission has launched a new call for proposals titled “Cinemas as Innovation Hubs,” which will allocate a total of €2 million to projects that test new initiatives in regard to rethinking the cinema experience. The funding has been designed to empower cinemas to innovate and play a more important role in their local communities.

This preparatory action or pilot call, will test new cinema-going experiences, while taking into account local audiences’ needs, and will focus on: testing new ways of rethinking the cinema experience and creating innovative cultural venues; audience development and building communities through interactive experiences; supporting cinema equipment and digitization

The application process requires candidates to explain how the proposed project is innovative, how it will add value to European cinema, as well as how it would enhance the cultural life of its local community.

The funding is seen as complementary to the Europas Cinemas network funding, which provides training and networking opportunities as well as financial support for cinemas that screen an above average number of non-national European films.

The deadline for applications is September 25. Successful applicants are expected to be informed in November. Selected projects will commence in the first quarter of 2020.

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