DVS Arri Certify SpycerBox for ArriScan

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Fri, 11/07/2008 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

DVS and Arri have announced the certification of SpycerBox as a high-performance storage solution for ArriScan speeding up post-production workflows through the interaction between the two systems. Scanned footage can be transferred directly from ArriScan to the SpycerBox via InfiniBand making it immediately available for further processing. Footage is scanned in and provided directly to the digital workflow. ArriScan handles scanning processes at high speed. The SpycerBox connected via InfiniBand stores the high-quality footage data. Other systems can immediately access and further process this data using InfiniBand or Ethernet connections. For this reason the SpycerBox can be used as nearline attached storage by all workstations. Post-production facilities benefit both from the scanner's high speed and from the high-performance storage solution which is directly accessible by several workstations. The fast data transfer between the scanner and the storage solution can result in significant time saving for editors and colorists. Thanks to its numerous connection options the SpycerBox also integrates easily with existing IT infrastructures. Konstantin Schinas DVS product manager says: We are delighted that our customers are once again able to profit from our many years of successful cooperation with Arri. Our joint solution takes into account the specific requirements of post-production processes and provides an effective performance increase to the DI process. Dr. Jens Rumberg ArriScan project manager says Thanks to the InfiniBand connection to the SpycerBox our customers are able to use the ArriScan's full scanning speed and access the data immediately. This combination is ideal in particular for the advertising industry. The technical implementation worked at first go not least owing to the excellent contacts between Arri and DVS. Arri www.arri.com