DSC Labs Releases Red CamBook

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Sat, 11/13/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

DSC Labs has released the Red CamBook to its CamBook chart series to complement the workflows of both the Red One and the anticipated Red Epic cameras. The Red One most recently used to shoot the critically acclaimed motion picture The Social Network has increased its resolution to 4.5K as well as boosted dynamic range and low-light performance. The Red Epic which has not yet been released is said to bring a completely new generation of technology to the market. At one-third the size of the Red One camera the Red Epic will come with a 5K sensor and a 27-layer ASIC enabling the capture of up to 120 frames per second at full 14MP resolution. I have been working with charts from DSC Labs for several years now so when Michael Wiegand approached us about DSC making a set of charts specifically for the Red cameras it made sense says Graeme Nattress problem solver Red Digital Cinema. The main chart is a ChromaDuMonde 28 with six extra over-saturated colors specifically designed for Red's colorimetry and an 18 percent gray background. The other two charts are framing charts and they include framings for the Epic as well as the Red One. The neutral white and 18 percent grey backgrounds are great for achieving an accurate white balance. The Red CamBook allows you to achieve better exposure a more accurate white balance and produces a record of the actual lighting on set which helps keep you consistent in terms of colorimetry throughout post-production. Michael Wiegand DSC Labs sales manager says We are pleased to offer this set of charts for the Red One and Red Epic. The Red CamBook has been very well received by Red users both by those who have migrated from a film background and those who come from the video world where test charts and Rec. 709 color space are already the norm. The Red CamBook is available today for $480 through the DSC Labs worldwide reseller channels directly from Red DSC and online at http://dsclabs-us.intelex.ca/store.php.