Doremi Receives 4K-Technology Patent; Cinemark First Customer

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Sun, 02/27/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Doremi has been awarded a 4K-technology patent. The company’s 4K-technology development was initiated five years ago with the intent of being integrated into Sony’s 4K-cinema system. This engineering effort was carried on to afford Doremi the position as today’s only commercially available 4K system for Texas Instruments’ DLP Cinema 4K platform. The core product to date of the 4K technology is Doremi Cinema’s IMB-4K (Integrated Media Block). Utilizing the company’s patented 4K decoding technology the IMB-4K is a fundamental building block in accomplishing the pristine playback of 4K resolutions on the big screen. The IMB-4K will be demonstrated at the upcoming CinemaCon exhibition in March along with Doremi’s cohesive 2K/4K playback and mastering line of products. In related news Cinemark Theatres has taken delivery of the first IMB-4K allowing them to simply update their existing 2K IMBs to deliver full 4K decoding capabilities within the DLP Cinema Enhanced 4K.  The update at Cinemark’s West Plano Texas theatre is the first to be updated within the circuit. “When we started our 4K endeavor in 2009 we relied on Doremi to develop a reliable 2K/4K solution that did not require a hardware replacement to achieve 4K ” says Alan Stock CEO of Cinemark.  “Doremi has delivered as promised and we now have a simple easy way of updating all of our DLP Cinema Series 2 projectors without having to send a technician into the field.  All Doremi upgrades are scheduled to be done remotely through the Cinemark network operation center.” “We have set a precedent over the last five years to ensure our customers always have the ability to obtain the latest technology ” says Michael Archer Doremi’s vice president digital cinema.  “The issuance of this patent is a tribute to the vision and fortitude of our engineering team to keep Doremi ahead of our competition.” “We are very pleased to be able to email our 4K upgrade to Cinemark ” Archer says. “Designing and manufacturing our own IMB gives us the greatest flexibility to meet the demands of our customers and the requirements of the industry.” Cinemark