Doremi Cinema European Installations Exceed 1200 Screens

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Sun, 03/22/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Doremi Cinema’s European operations Doremi Technologies located in the South of France has surpassed the 1200 unit mark for digital cinema server installations across Europe. This news comes with the recent deal struck between Doremi and VUE Cinemas in the UK.  VUE has expanded its digital cinema deployment to 50 screens; all to be equipped with Doremi DCP-2000 cinema servers. Now the largest exhibitors in both the UK and France have selected Doremi’s cinema server technology to power their digital cinema deployments. These include VUE Odeon and CineWorld in the UK Megarama CGR and Europalace in France Yelmo in Spain and ABC in The Netherlands   Doremi Cinema also has servers installed in Portugal Russia Italy Poland and Scandinavia. “We are extremely pleased with the ongoing popularity of our cinema technology with European exhibitors ” says Patrick Zuchetta Doremi Cinema’s vice president abroad.  “Our relationships and technology made their decision to go with Doremi an easy one”. Via a network of highly qualified dealers and integrator partners like Arts Alliance XDC DCL UKFC and YMAGIS Doremi Cinema has become the leading provider of digital cinema servers and mastering stations throughout Europe. Its line of DCP servers is the lynchpin product behind Doremi Cinema’s expanding client base.   At this time Doremi Cinema has over 6000 digital cinema servers installed around the world.  This includes significant installations in China India Australia Mexico Latin America Canada and the United States. Doremi