Doremi Chosen by Odeon/UCI for Digital Cinema Expansion

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Mon, 01/26/2009 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Doremi Cinema was selected by Odeon/UCI Europe’s largest cinema operator to supply the next phase of its digital cinema expansion with DCP-2000 servers enabling 3D playback. Exhibitors have freedom of choice with the Doremi digital cinema server line which works with every type of projector and 3D technology. In response to the significant number of 3D releases slated for 2009 Odeon/UCI’s latest expansion will triple its coverage of 3D digital screens. Beginning this month Doremi will equip 70 new Odeon/UCI screens throughout the UK Spain Portugal Germany and Austria bringing the total number of DCI compliant screens to 111. “We are very excited about Odeon/UCI’s accelerated digital cinema deployment ” says Michael Archer vice president of Doremi Digital Cinema. “We are very pleased to see Odeon/UCI has chosen RealD as a partner for their deployment”.  Doremi recently announced that the RealD 3D EQ ghost busting technology would be available in Doremi servers within the next two-to-three months. Drew Kaza executive vice president of digital development for Odeon/UCI Cinemas says “Odeon/UCI is dedicated to installing the latest technology across our cinemas. We look forward to working with Doremi on this project.” Doremi Odeon/UCI