Digital Factory Purchases Teranex Technology for 2D-3D Conversion

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Mon, 05/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

French post house Digital Factory has selected Teranex VC1-2D-3D real-time 2D to 3D conversion technology to convert selected archival and new 2D content into simulated 3D programming. An option for dual channel Teranex VC100 processors the VC1-2D-3D provides the ability to convert 2D content for 3D distribution while keeping all existing VC100 features such as frame synchronization and more than 250 format and frame rate conversions.

 Digital Factory has been using the VC100 for several years and views its software upgradeability as an added advantage over other products. Technical director Frédéric Warnotte says Digital Factory uses the VC100 on almost every job. He has reviewed the VC1-2D-3D's performance since last autumn and believes the company will now be able to transform 2D archives into simulated 3D. Digital Factory's objective is to use 2D material when possible as part of its increasing 3D post-production efforts. Being able to repurpose and use 2D content is a must for cost-effective 3D post-production and distribution. Good simulated 3D content generated from 2D sources eases the evolution to 3D for our clients by enabling them to create more content now for 3D distribution just as Teranex conversion of SD content is used in lieu of native HD whenever needed says Mike Poirier Digital Factory’s general manager. We were intimately involved in the SD to HD transition and we believe our exceptional 2D to 3D conversion technology will do the same for 3D.
 Digital Factory