Digital Cinema Summit to Convene April 10

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Mon, 03/08/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The 2010 NAB Show Digital Cinema Summit 3D: Cinema and Home will feature multiple expert speakers and in-depth sessions addressing aspects of 3D. The summit will take place on April 10-11 during the annual NAB Show which runs from April 10-15 in Las Vegas. Bringing together executives and thought leaders from major film studios broadcast networks and technology providers focused on the creation and delivery of cutting-edge digital motion imagery the summit is co-produced by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers the Entertainment Technology Center at the University of Southern California the European Broadcasting Union and the National Association of Broadcasters. “With 3D movies boosting per-screen sales as much as 300 percent it’s only natural that the entertainment industry would want to scale up this kind of distribution ” says Ken Fuller president SMPTE. “With that and the increasing consumer demand for 3D in the home this summit could not have come at a better time to accelerate 3D efforts and help create new revenue streams in our industry. This event also supports SMPTE’s long-term educational goal to be the resource for 3D technology.” With the steady growth and revenue success of 3D movies in theatres the launch of major 3D broadcast services and the increasing availability of 3D-capable displays for consumers the media and entertainment industries are now working through everything from how to creatively tell a story in this new format to the standards to use for producing and distributing those stories as efficiently as possible. This year’s summit showcases not only those specific efforts but provides a glimpse of the 3D-related research and development going on behind the scenes. Topics at this year’s summit include creating high-quality 3D content for broadcast cinema and other distribution types; 3D perceptual viewing; common techniques for and lessons learned in 3D image capture and display; modifying the post-production workflow to handle 3D; the feasibility of converting 2D materials to 3D; and techniques for distributing 3D content via broadcast cable satellite and optical media such as BluRay Disc. A full schedule of session topics speakers and times is available at The 2010 Digital Cinema Summit comes almost exactly one year after SMPTE announced the requirements for a stereoscopic 3D Home Master standard. The cornerstone of the entire 3D content chain this standard will provide high-level image formatting requirements for the source materials authored and delivered by content developers. It will also provide requirements for the delivery of those materials to all distribution channels from physical media to terrestrial satellite cable and other streaming service providers. “In a world where people want their content to be everywhere – and to travel with them anywhere – this standard will provide a delivery roadmap for studios broadcasters production houses display manufacturers smart phone providers and others ” says Wendy Aylsworth SMPTE vice president of engineering and senior vice president of technology for Warner Bros. SMPTE expects to finalize the core specifications of the 3D Home Master standard by the end of 2010. The NAB Show