Datasat Holdings Establishes Business Unit in India

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Wed, 06/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Datasat Holdings has entered into a joint venture agreement to form Datasat Communications Technologies India Private Limited (Datasat India). Datasat India will have its operational headquarters in Mumbai where it will provide Datasat (formally DTS) film licensing services cinema hardware equipment sales and servicing as well as roll out the next generation of wireless mesh technologies. 
  “We are very pleased to be setting up this business with Datasat ” says Sanjay Patel director of Datasat India. “It is an opportunity to grow the business by better serving customers with in country support as well as pioneer a breakthrough wireless technology that is particularly suited to delivering HD content without the usual glitches buffering and stuttering.”
 The joint venture will manage and support the three core Datasat product areas in India: Datasat Digital Entertainment’s film licensing services digital cinema hardware and Datasat Technologies’ wireless products. 
 “This joint venture will open many new doors ” says Phil Emmel owner of Datasat Holdings. “Sanjay and his team have many years of expertise in the film video and technology sectors adding greatly to the many benefits Datasat can offer to the region.”
  Datasat’s sound quality for films will be promoted and supported by Datasat India. With the acquisition of DTS Digital Cinema and it's technologies in May of 2008 Datasat and Datasat India will continue to provide digital and analogue soundtracks subtitles and Access Services with the same Academy Award winning digital sound technology for all cinema or cinema related releases under the Datasat brand.
In addition to the film licensing services Datasat India will uphold Datasat’s commitment to selling and supporting the range of high quality digital cinema products including the AP20 Audio Processor and XD20 Media Player. Both products are designed to enhance the cinema audio experience bringing unparalleled sound quality to the cinema. 
The wireless products from Datasat Technologies are the next generation of carrier and enterprise level Wi-Fi solutions particularly suited to media applications. Utilizing 802.11n mesh standards Datasat Technologies provides outdoor and indoor Wi-Fi network solutions bringing for the first time true quality of service guarantees that enable consistent transmission of HD video audio and data as well as delivering enterprise grade security.