D-Box Systems Now Compatible with GDC Digital Cinema Servers

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Mon, 10/12/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Theatre systems from D-Box Technologies are now compatible with the digital cinema servers manufactured by GDC Technology. According to the company this latest announcement provides D-Box an opportunity to further expand its business together with GDC Technology whose software-based digital cinema solution has garnered nearly 400 installations in North America and 2 000 internationally. We are thrilled to be compatible with GDC's Digital Cinema servers and we're looking forward to theatre installations combining our technologies ” says Claude Mc Master president and CEO of D-Box Technologies. D-Box Motion Code is currently available in seven movie theatres throughout North America and has an aggressive rollout plan for new locations and a continuous flow of motion-enhanced movies all for the benefit of moviegoers. Through compatibility with industry leaders such as GDC Technologies D-Box is in a great position to ride the current digital wave within the theatrical industry. D-Box's ground-breaking patented technology has opened up a whole new world to movie goers in their viewing experience says Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Technology. GDC is quick to recognize the significance of this new technology and we are glad that D-Box has acted swiftly to establish compatibility with our servers thus ensuring that our customers will be among the earliest to enjoy this latest technology. D-Box Technologies www.d-box.com GDC Technology www.gdc-tech.com ,1303
IFP/Chicago Third Annual Independent Film Gala a Sold Out Success,2009-10-13,IFP/Chicago held its third Annual Independent Film Gala September 25th at the WIT Hotel in Chicago. It was the most successful gala yet proving the third time is a charm. All proceeds will go to expand IFP/Chicago’s services and programs serving filmmakers and the filmmaking community throughout the Midwest including a mentorship program. For the past five years the IFP/Chicago mentorship program has produced an entirely student-created film each year with underserved students at Chicago Vocational Career Academy.  IFP/Chicago’s Mentorship films have won two Student National Emmy Award’s making CVCA only the second school in history to be awarded a national Emmy two years in succession. The added success of this year’s gala enables IFP/Chicago to continue with their valuable mission. Kicking off the evening was a small VIP gathering screening a montage of the many accomplishments of this year’s honoree Towers Productions International.  TPI has produced over one thousand hours of factual and entertaining programs to the U.S. and international television networks including A&E Animal Planet The Biography Channel CNN Discovery Channel and History Channel. At the main event emcee LeAnne Trotter local NBC entertainment reporter guided guests through gala festivities. The guest host of the evening producer Effie T. Brown shared her experience with IFP’s mentorship program recognizing the program helped her get where she is today. Her credits include such films as Real Woman Have Curves Stranger Inside Rocket Science and many more. One of Brown’s most recent projects Polish Bar was filmed in Chicago. Pictured: Colleen O'Neill director of development for IFP/Chicago Amy Dorris-Hulth president of Two Muses Media & Entertainment Ryan Jewell director of IFP/Chicago and Stephanie Rabiola of IFP/Chicago. Photo by Eugene Feygen. IFP/Chicago www.ifpchicago.org ,1308
Kaufman Named IFTA Chairman for Second Term,2009-10-13, Independent Film & Television Alliance chairman Lloyd Kaufman president Troma Entertainment has been reelected to a second two-year term leading the 150-member organization. IFTA president and CEO Jean Prewitt made the announcement.

 An outspoken advocate of net neutrality Kaufman enters a second term just as the FCC is poised to consider expanded protection for new services and applications on the Internet.  I am honored to have a second term as chairman of IFTA which has become the leading voice for independents worldwide says Kaufman. I will continue to fight alongside my colleagues to protect and serve independent art on film television DVD and the Internet aggressively tackling media consolidation net neutrality piracy and other key issues facing our industry.

 Others elected to two-year terms on the executive committee are: Pierre David (Imagination Worldwide) named general vice-chairperson and Brad Kembel (Summit Entertainment) who will serve as vice-chairperson/secretary.

 They join other executive committee members continuing their two-year terms: Roger Corman (New Horizons) general vice-chairperson; Avi Lerner (Nu Image) vice-chairperson-finance; Albert Lee (Emperor Motion Pictures Ltd. HK) vice-chairperson/non-California; and Elisabeth Costa de Beauregard Rose (Lakeshore Entertainment Group) chairperson export alliance.

Elected to two-year terms on the board of directors are: Paul Hertzberg (Cinetel Films); Jay Joyce (Artist View Entertainment); Mark Lindsay (Arclight Films); Nicole Mackey (Fortissimo Films UK); Almira Malyshev (Screen Media Ventures); Bobby Meyers (Meyers Film Entertainment); Charlotte Mickie (E1 Entertainment); Barbara Mudge (Worldwide Film Entertainment); Michael Ryan (Handmade Films International); Adam Wright (Regent Worldwide Sales); Carl Clifton (The Works International) alternate; Tony Kandah (Hollywood Wizard) alternate; and Edward Noeltner (Cinema Management Group) alternate.

Continuing in their board positions are: Steve Bickel (The Film Department); Nicolas Chartier (Voltage Pictures); Kirk D'Amico (Myriad Pictures); Mark Damon (Foresight Unlimited); Clay Epstein (The Little Film Company); Kim Fox (QED International); Richard Guardian (Lightning Entertainment); Brad Krevoy (Motion Picture Corp. of America); Kathy Morgan (Kathy Morgan International); and Brian O'Shea (Odd Lot International).

 Our chairman new executive committee and board of directors members are among the industry's most forward-thinking executives and I look forward to working with them Prewitt says. Their leadership dedication and guidance will continue to have a meaningful impact on IFTA's ongoing activities as our industry deals with the creative and business challenges that lie ahead.

 The organization's premiere event the American Film Market held in conjunction with AFI Fest will take place this year from November 4-11 in Santa Monica.
 IFTA www.ifta-online.org ,1309
NCM Signs Ad Agreement with Starplex ShowBiz and Picture Show,2009-10-13,National CineMedia has entered into a network affiliate advertising agreement with Starplex Cinemas ShowBiz Cinemas and Picture Show Theatres for the presentation of pre-show advertising.  Under the terms of the new exclusive multi-year agreement the three exhibition circuits will exclusively present NCM’s pre-feature cinema advertising program.  Details of the agreement were not disclosed. The three are the most recent additions to the expanding NCM national network which the company says isthe largest digital in-theatre video and satellite distribution network in North America.  Starplex Cinemas ShowBiz Cinemas and Picture Show Theatres currently operate a combined 34 theaters and 310 screens; expanding NCM’s national network to more than 17 000 screens (approximately 15 500 digital screens) throughout the U.S.  The new agreement becomes effective beginning January 1 2010. “The combined attendance of the Starplex ShowBiz and Picture Show theaters would rank as the 11th largest movie theater chain in the U.S. which is a terrific enhancement to our network ” says Kurt Hall NCM’s president and chief executive officer.  “I am pleased with the progress we are making building our affiliate network of theater circuits as we continue to strengthen our ability to compete more effectively in the national advertising marketplace.” “NCM is synonymous with innovation and leadership in cinema advertising ” says Steve Holmes CEO of Starplex Cinemas. “We are very impressed with the digital technology and scale of their national theater network and we look forward to becoming a part of it in the new year.” National CineMedia www.ncm.com ShowBiz Cinemas www.showbizcinemas.com Starplex Cinemas www.starplexclinemas.com ,1311
Screenvision Announces New Long-Term Deal with Malco Theatres,2009-10-13, Screenvision has announced a new long-term agreement with Malco Theatres. The partnership drives Screenvision’s overall screen count to 15 366 increasing its digital screen count to over 7 700.  The companies did not disclose the details of the agreement.

 Screenvision and Malco’s partnership clearly shows that exhibitors continue to choose Screenvision for the strength and entertainment value that comes with our digital preshow ” says Darryl Schaffer executive vice president exhibitor relations Screenvision. “Malco Theatres has been an excellent Screenvision partner for the past seven years and we look forward to continuing this partnership to bring entertainment to Malco’s premium theatres located in key markets including Memphis.” As part of the agreement Screenvision holds exclusive on-screen selling rights for Malco’s early and late preshows. The deal also provides Screenvision with the rights to sell in-lobby screens and promotions. Malco Theatres is one of Screenvision’s top 15 exhibitor partners with 31 theatres and 321 screens across Arkansas Kentucky Missouri Mississippi and Tennessee.   “The top notch quality and compelling content within Screenvision’s digital preshow along with their reputation as leaders in technology and service within the cinema advertising community have made Screenvision a natural partner for Malco ” says Bobby Levy Executive Vice President Malco Theatres. “We anticipate that this new deal will lead to a more rewarding entertaining and high-quality experience for all our moviegoers.”
 Screenvision www.screenvision.com ,1312
Pixar’s Whitehill to Keynote 21st SD&A Conference in January,2009-10-13,The keynote speaker for the 21st Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference is Bob Whitehill stereoscopic supervisor at Pixar Animation Studios who will speak about Three-Dimensional Storytelling. Registration is now open SD&A runs January 18-20 2010 as part of the SPIE/IS&T Electronic Imaging Symposium in San Jose California.   The conference program includes a range of exciting and useful special sessions as well as research-based oral and poster presentations. Special sessions include the 3D theatre showing the latest stereoscopic footage; live demonstrations of stereoscopic displays and applications; two discussion forums. According to SD&A officials the program committee selected 41 papers for oral presentation from 92 submissions. Stereoscopic Displays and Applications Association www.stereoscopic.org/2010/program.html ,1313
Sony Digital Cinema Enters Uncharted Territory,2009-10-13,Sony joined forces with movie theatres across the country to create a series of multi-player gaming tournaments that highlighted their potential as an additional revenue source for exhibitors during non-peak times.           To support the October 13 release of the Playstation3 title Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Sony Computer Entertainment of America and Sony Digital Cinema Solutions and Services produced four exclusive sneak peek events. Attendees had the chance to play Uncharted 2 on the big screen with Sony 4K digital cinema technology. “Sony 4K digital cinema begins with seeing movies in higher resolution and delivering an enhanced viewing experience ” says Mike Fidler senior vice president of Sony Electronics’ Digital Cinema Solutions and Services Group. “But it also offers exhibitors additional revenue sources from alternative content programming such as: gaming events simulcasts pre-recorded concerts and sporting events to maximize a movie theatre’s profitability and filling auditoriums during off times.” “As a total entertainment company Sony is able to leverage resources across its professional consumer and content groups to create more value and an enriched consumer experience ” Fidler says. “Sony’s 4K Digital Cinema systems provide a much sought-after out-of-home experience and we are the first company to deliver this type of unique in-theatre gaming experience to consumers.” ,1314
Sony Introduces High Frame Rate Single Lens 3D Camera Technology,2009-10-13, Sony Corporation has announced the development of a single lens 3D camera technology that the company says is capable of recording natural and smooth 3D images of even fast-moving subject matter such as sports at 240fps. According to the company the technology combines a newly developed optical system for single lens 3D camera which captures the left and right images simultaneously together with existing high frame rate recording technology to realize 240fps 3D filming. Sony demonstrated a prototype model incorporating this technology at CEATEC Japan 2009 which was held at the Makuhari Messe convention center in Chiba city Japan earlier this month. In existing half mirror 3D camera systems with separate lenses for the left and right eyes the parallax range is adjustable enabling the depth of the 3D images to be modified. However when operating the zoom and focus functions of such systems the sensitivity of the human eye in particular to differences in the size and rotational movement of dual images as well as any vertical misalignment or difference in image quality has meant that complex technology has been required to ensure that each camera lens is closely coordinated and there are no discrepancies in the optical axis image size and focus. The introduction of a single lens system resolves any issues that may occur as a result of having different optical characteristics for each eye. Furthermore by using mirrors in place of shutters incoming light can now be simultaneously separated into left and right images and recorded as it reaches the parallel light area (the area where diverging light from the point of focus on the subject matter becomes parallel) of the relay lens. The separated left and right images are then processed and recorded with the respective left and right image sensors. As there is no difference in time between when the left and right eye images are captured it is possible for natural and smooth 3D images to be captured even of scenes involving rapid movement. Optical tests have shown that a frame rate 240fps represents the limit of human visual perception and beyond that it becomes difficult to detect differences in terms of blur and jerkiness of moving images (where images that were continuous are now seen as a series of distinct snapshots). By developing a 240fps frame rate CMOS image sensor with properties close to the human eye which is capable of capture natural images of even fast moving subject matter Sony has succeeded in further enhancing the quality of 3D video images.

The combination of Sony's new single lens 3D system and its 240fps high frame rate technology has realized a single lens 3D camera system based on universal properties of the human eye which enables natural and smooth 3D images with no accommodation convergence conflict to be recorded. ,1315
DFT and Cinevation Form Strategic Partnership,2009-10-13,Digital Film Technology and Cinevation have announced that they have formed a strategic partnership. Initially the companies say this co-operation will focus on sales and marketing but may be further expanded to include other parts of the companies’ operations in the future.   The partnership positions both companies to deliver complementary technology and products as well as end-to-end workflow solutions to the post-production marketplace.  The combined solutions will enhance the quality of deliverables for post-production facilities worldwide. “Our strategic agreement with Cinevation creates a powerful partnership for creating value within the industry ” says Stefan Kramper DFT managing director.  “Together we will provide the post production industry with enhanced powerful and flexible solutions to improve ROI image quality and workflows.” “Digital Film Technology shares our commitment to delivering exceptional quality solutions ”says Bjørn Sæterøy CEO of Cinevation.  “With our combined sales and marketing efforts and strengths we will provide post facilities with technology they can use to their best advantage.” Cinevation www.cinevation.net Digital Film Technology www.dft-film.com ,1316
Technicolor Offers Digital Cinema Image Detection Watermarking Solutions
 ,2009-10-13, Technicolor is now offering both of the Civolution digital cinema image detection watermarking solutions available on the market: Cinefence and Nexguard.
 “By providing our customers with the only two digital cinema watermarking detection services available on the market we enable them with full flexibility when it comes to protection and analysis of digital cinema pirated material ” says Curt Behlmer head of Technicolor’s digital cinema business.
 Digital watermarking solutions make video content easily and precisely identifiable by embedding specific data such as the rights holder or recipient’s ID or user number. The image watermark totally invisible to the naked eye may be embedded at various points in the content preparation and distribution process.
 In addition to digital cinema watermarking Technicolor also offers forensic image watermarking embedding and detection services for video and film prints as well as audio watermarking across Dolby SR SRD and DTS formats and file and tape based watermarking. ,1318
Zacuto USA Releases New Version of DSLR Optical Viewfinder ,2009-10-13,Embracing the wave of the growing popularity of DSLR cameras Zacuto has introduced the Z-Finder V2 an optical viewfinder that allows DSLR cameras to have the correct form factor for video. Additional features of the Z-Finder includes: 3x focusable magnification Schneider optics a 40mm diameter lens an adjustable (left or right) eye-cup preventing extraneous light leakage and most importantly a field of view perfectly matched to LCD screen sizes of many DSLR cameras such as: Canon 5DMKII Canon 7D Panasonic GH1 Nikon D300 Nikon D5000 and Pentex 7D.   This Z-finder is awesome. I am using it in Lima Peru right now and am so glad I purchased it. I had a Hoodman but the quality of this is amazing and the eye cup is truly spectacular says W. Ashley Maddox DP/director of Wam Pictures.  

Since the DSLR viewfinder is critical for precision focus on shallow depth-of-field cameras Zacuto's product designers and engineers created an extremely fine focus wheel to achieve exact focus. Robert Primes ASC agrees The Z-finder V2 is a magnificent upgrade and sharp as a tack across the whole image.  The focus gearing was accurate frictionless and backlash free. Zacuto www.zacuto.com ,1319
Dolphins and Whales 3D Presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau Hits the $15 Million Mark ,2009-10-22,3D Entertainment Distribution has announced that its unique trilogy of underwater-themed films for Imax 3D and digital 3D cinemas – Ocean Wonderland 3D (2003) Sharks 3D: A Close Encounter with the Lions and Tigers of the Ocean (2005) and Dolphins and Whales 3D: Tribes of the Ocean (2008) – has reached a new milestone with over $70 million accumulated to date at the worldwide box office. The films have been released in 28 countries. The strong performance of our unique film trilogy confirms the viability of both our business model and strategy says Francois Mantello chairman and CEO of 3D Entertainment Distribution. We are delighted our films have proven to be such steady draws and that alongside our film ambassador Jean-Michel Cousteau we have had this marvelous opportunity to share a vital conservation message with over 11.3 million moviegoers around the globe. We thank our partners and Imax exhibitors worldwide including the New England Aquarium Tennessee Aquarium Virginia Beach Aquarium Audubon Aquarium of the Americas Moody Gardens the Houston Museum of Natural Science Imax Corporation's owned and operated theatres and the Smithsonian Institution for making this happen. Dolphins and Whales 3D presented by Jean-Michel Cousteau and featuring a narration by actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah was first released in February 2008. The film delivers an important message in favor of the protection of these tribes while they are facing the greatest challenge of all: to survive the destruction of their habitat and depletion of food resources. Its box office score currently stands at $15 million and domestic revenue per screen is a healthy USD 280 500. Says Laurent Dondey managing director of La Geode in Paris (France) We are overwhelmed by the film's results. It has been an immediate and solid success since its release at our Imax theatre on June 10 drawing 60 000 viewers in twelve weeks for a record occupancy rate of 73 percent throughout. ,1323
Thirtieth American Film Market to be held November 4-11 in Santa Monica,2009-10-22, The 30th American Film Market which is being held November 4-11 in San Monica California will screen 445 motion pictures in 27 languages including 73 world premieres and 311 market premieres to an expected 8 000-plus film buyers and industry professionals from more than 70 countries. Films making their world and/or market premieres include Get Low starring Bill Murray Sissy Spacek and Robert Duvall (K5 International); Unthinkable starring Samuel L. Jackson (Sierra Pictures); Harry Brown starring Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer (HanWay Films); Within The Whirlwind directed by Marleen Gorris and starring Emily Watson (Telepool); Coach starring Hugh Dancy Liane Balaban and Mamie Gummer (Lightning Entertainment); The Last Flight starring Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet (Gaumont); Snowmen starring Ray Liotta Christopher Lloyd Bobby Coleman and Doug E. Doug (MPower Pictures); Mother and Child starring Naomi Watts Annette Benning Samuel L. Jackson and Kerry Washington (WestEnd Films); Storm Warriors starring Aaron Kwok Ekin Cheng Nicholas Tse Charlene Choi and Simon Yam (Universe Films); and The Meaning of the 21st Century narrated by Michael Douglas (Worldwide Film Entertainment). Among the 311 films set to make their market premieres are Chloe directed by Atom Egoyan and starring Julianne Moore and Amanda Seyfried (StudioCanal); Down for Life starring Danny Glover Snoop Dogg Elizabeth Peña Jessica Romero and Kate Del Castillo (Odin's Eye Entertainment); Creation directed by Jon Amiel and starring Jennifer Connelly Paul Bettany Jeremy Northam and Toby Jones (HanWay Films); Dorian Gray starring Colin Firth Fiona Shaw Rebecca Hall and Ben Barnes (Ealing Studios International); Glorious 39 starring Romola Garai Bill Nighy Julie Christie and Christopher Lee (The Works International); Life During Wartime directed by Todd Solondz and starring Ally Sheedy Paul Reubens Charlotte Rampling and Allison Janney (Fortissimo Film Sales); Love and Other Impossible Pursuits directed by Don Roos and starring Natalie Portman Lisa Kudrow Scott Cohen and Charlie Tahan (Essential Entertainment); Mama I Want to Sing! starring singer Ciara Billy Zane and Lynn Whitfield (Vision Films / Vision Music); Mao’s Last Dancer directed by Bruce Beresford and starring Kyle MacLachlan Joan Cheng Chi Cao and Bruce Greenwood (Celluloid Dreams); and  Saint John of Las Vegas starring Steve Buscemi Romany Malco Peter Dinklage and Sarah Silverman (E1 Entertainment). AFM’s festival partner AFI FEST presented by Audi will screen 23 films that are represented at the AFM including The Hole directed by Joe Dante and starring Teri Polo Bruce Dern Haley Bennett Nathan Gamble and Chris Massoglia (Bold Films); The Last Station directed by Michael Hoffman and starring Christopher Plummer Paul Giamatti James McAvoy and Helen Mirren (Little Film Company); Precious directed by Lee Daniels and starring Gabourey Sidibe Mo'Nique Lenny Kravitz Paula Patton and Mariah Carey (Elephant Eye); and Woman Without Piano starring Carmen Machi and Jan Budar (Radio Television Espanola). Together AFM and AFI FEST represent the largest gathering of film industry professionals and the only combined film market-festival event in North America. The full screening schedule and detailed information on all films is available at www.TheFilmCatalogue.com 
Independent Film & Television Alliance ,1324
Deals Signed for Antarctica Challenge,2009-10-22, Mark Terry has announced that his documentary The Antarctica Challenge: A Global Warning has signed deals with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s digital channel documentary a European theatrical deal with Belgium’s XDC Digital Cinemas New Zealand’s Documentary Channel and Poland’s VOD channel TVScreen. The documentary focuses on new discoveries made related to the ozone hole the diminishing populations of penguins and other marine life the greening of the world’s largest desert warming temperatures glacial melting and increased world sea level. 

“We were all stunned at the findings being made there this past year ” says Terry. “From penguin suicide to grass growing in the world’s largest desert the environmental face of Antarctica is changing faster than anyone had previously thought – and the impact on us is imminent.” Terry’s movie about climate change in Antarctica made its debut at MIPCOM last month. It represents the only film made this year reporting on the new discoveries made by the world’s scientific community stationed in Antarctica during International Polar Year. 

As a result the film has been selected by the United Nations as the sole film to be screened at its Framework Convention on Climate Change in Copenhagen December 7-18. 

 The CBC acquired the national television rights for the one-hour documentary until 2012. It will be released theatrically in Europe prior to the United Nations’ conference by Belgium’s XDC. New Zealand’s Documentary Channel plans to air it this month; TVScreen in Poland aired it last month. ,1326
Barco Doremi Debut Integrated 2K/4K Media Block,2009-10-22, Barco and Doremi have unveiled an integrated 2K/4K media block designed for Barco Series-II projectors. The companies showcased the technology at ShowEast in October.   In June of this year Barco Cinemark and Doremi announced an exclusive agreement for the delivery and installation of over 3 000 projectors in more than 300 US theatres. This agreement was the first to include Texas Instruments' Enhanced DLP Cinema 4K technology and Doremi's integrated media block. If the customer elects to project in 2K the integrated media block keeps content secure by moving the digital video decryption from outside of the projector — to inside the projector. When 4K technology is made available if the customer elects to project in 4K the integrated media block can deliver 4K with a simple software upgrade. 

“We are thrilled to continue our technical development and partnership with Barco and to offer the digital cinema industry the first-ever 2K and 4K solution with an integrated media block ” says Michael Archer vice president of digital cinema at Doremi. “In addition to providing the highest level of content security our IMB product offers a future-proof configuration based on the system's ability to support both 2K and 4K resolutions.” 

 The Barco/Doremi integrated 2K/4K media block provides a total of 4096 x 2160 pixels of resolution and requires just one server rather than the four synchronized HD video servers needed until now. The solution offers exhibitors the opportunity to utilize a single server manufacturer across a digital cinema multiplex with the ability to freely mix and match 2K and 4K technology while maintaining the same server hardware. 

“Barco and Doremi have been leading innovation and setting digital cinema milestones for almost a decade ” says Todd Hoddick vice president of digital cinema for Barco North America. “By combining our talents we're taking a huge step forward in the evolution of digital cinema. Together we are making digital cinema simpler more secure and more profitable for our customers.” ,1327
Supercines Theatres to Install Christie Projectors in Quito Multiplex,2009-10-22, Supercines the largest cinema chain in Ecuador has selected Christie CP2000-SB digital cinema projectors to equip its newest 15-screen multiplex in Quito the capital of Ecuador. Headquartered in Guayaquil and owned by Corporación El Rosado Supercines has theatres in all of the country’s major cities. It has earned a reputation for revolutionizing the cinema-going experience in Ecuador through the introduction of innovations such as stadium seating tri-amplified Dolby digital sound and high-resolution wall-to-wall screens.
 Martin Schwartz general manager of the Entertainment Division for Corporación El Rosado says “Supercines’ audiences enjoy the latest releases shown on equipment that represents the state-of-the-art in image and sound.  We have had excellent results working with Christie; the company has played an important part in our success over the years. Christie digital projectors are extremely reliable and very easy to maintain and service. In our conversion to digital technology we have been getting exceptional technical support from Christie’s expert technicians and from our supplier Cinema Equipment and Supplies based in Miami Florida. We have plans on the drawing board for many more digital cinemas in the near future and look forward to continuing our working relationships with them.”
 The newest Supercines a 15-screen multiplex in Quito with seven exclusive VIP areas feature the Supercines Giant Theatre GT-MAX. It has the biggest screen in the world more than 77 feet by 44 feet (23.5 meters by 13.5 meters) and provides an overwhelming viewing experience especially in 3D.  Christie CP2000-SB projectors are used to project exceptionally large bright 3D images on the giant screen.
“We installed two Christie CP2000-SB digital cinema projectors with Christie Brilliant3D triple-flash technology providing full 2K resolution for 3D the most light output and maximum lamp efficiency ” says Guillermo Younger president of Cinema Equipment and Supplies.  “We plan to install another CP2000-SB projector for that multiplex in the next few months.  All the digital projectors in the Supercines chain are Christie.  Along with Dolby 3D servers QSC amps and speakers and Christie CDXL and CXL lamps they project the best picture possible on the screen. Supercines plans to install a total of 19 Christie CP2000-SB digital projectors and Dolby 3D by the end of the year.” 
 Jaime Sanchez sales manager Cinema Equipment and Supplies says “Over the years Supercines has demonstrated its dedication to entertaining its customers with the highest quality equipment and facilities. Our decision to work with Christie was based on previous experience with their projectors which have proven to be highly reliable cost-effective and perform consistently. We know the show will always go on with Christie digital projectors.”
Christie Digital Systems www.christiedigital.com ,1329
Georgia Theatre Company Participates in Cinedigm’s Phase 2 Deployment Program,2009-10-22,Cinedigm Digital Cinema has announced that the Georgia Theatre Company will participate in Cinedigm's Phase 2 digital cinema deployment program. Georgia will purchase its own equipment and Cinedigm will manage the virtual print fees for a ten-year term for 257 screens at 23 locations. In Phase 2 Cinedigm has created an exhibitor-buyer financing option for exhibitors. When exhibitors choose this option they select and purchase their own equipment and Cinedigm manages billing and collection of VPFs from movie distributors receiving a fee for doing so. Exhibitors such as Georgia who select this option install Cinedigm certified fully-networked digital cinema systems using one of the digital cinema equipment manufacturers with whom Cinedigm has agreements: Barco Christie or NEC. Georgia will use Christie Digital Systems and Christie's Managed Services Division. Georgia Theatre Company has always prided itself on providing state-of-the-art facilities says Bill Stembler chairman and CEO of Georgia Theatre Company. We are excited to be partnering with Cinedigm and Christie to bring the highest quality digital experience to our customers. Bud Mayo chairman and CEO of Cinedigm says As the transition to digital cinema evolves Cinedigm evolves. The exhibitor-buyer option within the Phase 2 deployment plan is a fine example. Georgia Theatre Company's enthusiasm for providing an excellent experience for its patrons is one of the many reasons we are confident that this conversion will continue to gain momentum. Georgia Theatre Company is one of the most respected companies in the greatest traditions of the exhibition industry says Chuck Goldwater president of Cinedigm's Media Services Group. We are excited and proud to be working with Bill and Aubrey and their team to help them make the transition to digital cinema and achieve all the benefits and goals they want for their customers. Cinedigm www.cinedigm.com ,1330
Clearwater Productions of Johannesburg Acquires a Red Camera,2009-10-22,Clearwater Productions of Johannesburg South Africa has taken delivery of the first of two Red One 4K digital cinema cameras. CEO Derek White says “We needed a platform to originate live action and Red is the most cinematic has the best quality and the smartest upgrade path. We are actually after the Red Epic (due for release next year) but in order to be eligible to buy one you need to be a Red One owner first.” Clearwater also acquired a set of Bausch & Lomb Super Baltar prime lenses from a DOP in Los Angeles. “These lenses are simply beautiful ” says Derek. “I saw a couple of commercials shot with the Baltars and instantly knew this was the set of lenses for us. They only come on the market every five or ten years so despite the fact that they cost more than the cameras; we were very lucky to find them. It's the only set in South Africa and they've already been hired out on a couple of commercial shoots.” In addition to the two camera bodies the order also included a host of accessories including Arri matte boxes follow focus geared head and legs and so on. “We needed a complete solution ” says Derek “we don't want to have to hire in any significant items we want to be able to shoot at a moments notice and send the kit to Italy for two weeks without having to pay a hundred grand in hire costs.” “I've never been keen on buying any kind of equipment ” says Derek. “We're a creative business and we should spend money on people not gear. Having said that certain items are essential tools and I believe Red is going to become the benchmark and digital cinema is a phrase you're going to hear often. One can argue that the cost of shooting on 35 or 16 versus Red is negligible but when you add the post-production workflow especially if you plan on doing multiple projects simultaneously it makes a significant difference. In this climate we simply can't afford to be spending a great deal of the production budget on equipment hire and stock when the cost of entry has become so low.” To accompany the camera on all shoots as well as to manage the post-production workflow internally Clearwater has employed a full-time digital imaging technician. “This is not the kind of camera you want to send out on a shoot without someone who really knows the technology and post workflow ” says Derek. “I know we probably didn't need to hire a full-time person but I wanted someone to take ownership to look after the gear keep the software and firmware current manage the data and have an on-site expert during post. I think this is essential with any new technology.” The Reds are an integral part of Clearwater's plans to license entertainment products. “We love producing commercials trailers promos and channel imaging ” says Derek. “Add to that the ability to design produce own and license your intellectual property and you multiply the value of your business. I don't think there's ever been a better time in SA to be creating your own opportunities to be experimenting with ideas inventing new revenue models and exploring new technology platforms. It's become a necessity and technology such as the Red represents a significant shift. It enables us to do things that in the past have been prohibitively expensive and inevitably landed up being shelved for lack of financing. For the first time you can now own a 35mm quality rig and that changes everything. That's exciting stuff.” Clearwater’s new Red is slated for two series pilots to be shot in November and a documentary to be shot in Portugal and Italy in December. ,1331
Former GE Capital Executives Form Entertainment Financial Advisors Partners ,2009-10-22,Ralph Willis Brandt Gully and Kenny Favre three former executives of GE Capital’s entertainment group have founded Entertainment Financial Advisors Partners to provide a wide array of strategic advisory services to companies in select entertainment industries. They say that EFA’s focus is to provide middle-market and emerging entertainment companies with financial advisory services to assist with raising capital merger and acquisition recommendations restructuring alternatives industry research and general business plan development. “We believe that our firm will fill a void in the film industry as we feel there is no other advisory firm with specialized expertise across the entire film chain from production to distribution to exhibition ” says Willis a founder of entertainment finance groups at both GE Capital and Heller Financial. “Having worked for years with film producers studios film service companies theatre circuits and digital cinema companies we have the unique perspective of truly understanding every facet of our clients’ businesses.” While with GE Capital they were instrumental in structuring and closing Cinedigm’s $217 million financing for its conversion of over 3 700 screens. “All of us at Cinedgm have worked with the EFA team for years in proving that our VPF model works and is now the worldwide standard ” says Bud Mayo chairman and CEO of Cinedigm. “We look forward to working with Ralph Kenny and Brandt on creative ways to advance our leadership in digital cinema.”
 “The EFA team brings significant industry knowledge and insightful judgment that operators greatly value when seeking guidance and financial partners to grow their business ” says Bobby Cobb president of Cobb Theatres. ,1333
Fix to Premiere at Village East in New York City,2009-10-22, Director Tao Ruspoli’s award-winning independent feature film Fix will be premiering November 20th at The Village East Theatre in New York City. The film tells the fictional story of two documentary filmmakers Bella (Olivia Wilde) and Milo (Tao Ruspoli) who over the course of a single day race from Beverly Hills to Watts and places in between to get Milo's brother Leo (Shawn Andrews) from jail to rehab before eight o’clock or Leo goes to prison for three years. A story inspired by true events the trio documents their trip from a suburban police station in Calabasas through mansions in Beverly Hills East LA chop-shops rural wastelands and housing projects in Watts as they attempt to raise the $5 000 required to get Leo into the rehab clinic.
 Along the way encountering dozens of colorful characters each with their own anomalous perspective on Leo's larger than life personality and style and each with their own excuse for why they cannot help out. In the end it may take a drug deal to get the necessary funds for rehab. Given Ruspoli’s background in guerilla style documentary filmmaking he wanted to use the language he had developed in that medium and apply it to his first narrative project. In that way he hoped to get the best of both worlds. According to Ruspoli “The immediacy and realism of documentary and the structure and story arc of scripted fictional work. Given advances in digital media I was also excited by the fact that we could do this without sacrificing my love of photography and ‘cinematic’ imagery.”
 “Bringing the film to festivals around the world and seeing how the film touched people from so many walks of life was more than I ever dreamed of ” Ruspoli says. “I am excited for the film to now reach an even larger audience with this fall's release.” ,1335
Docurama Films Signs with Gigantic Digital Cinema ,2009-10-22,Docurama Films is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a package of classic non-fiction titles has signed with Gigantic Digital Cinema to provide national distribution. The special series is now available online except in New York City. Recently cited by the press as one of indie film's top venues Gigantic Digital Cinema is the only true traditional film exhibitor online today. Under the leadership of its president Mark Lipsky a noted industry veteran and former executive at companies including Miramax IFC and Lot 47 and of its CEO film/music producer Brian Devine Gigantic Digital Cinema showcases acclaimed feature titles in ultra high-quality commercial-free streaming video. Titles are released either exclusively online or day-and-date with theatrical engagements. Markets in which a film is or will be playing in theatres are blacked out in order not to compete with those engagements. To date Gigantic Digital has exhibited Must Read After My Death one of 2009's most acclaimed documentaries the eleven-time award-winning Turkish drama Bliss (released theatrically by First Run Features) and the new documentary Motherland whose exclusive run on Gigantic Digital is garnering rave reviews from coast-to-coast. Gigantic Digital Cinema's Docurama Films' 10th Anniversary Package a selection of gems from over 250 titles released by Docurama to date is available online now through December 6th. Ranging from the personal to the political the package offers an eclectic and fascinating look at the art of documentary film. Lipsky says Until now wonderful programming like Docurama's 10th Anniversary celebration would have been confined to an extremely limited audience. Partnerships like this make it possible to reach millions of people rather than a few thousand. This is the first deal in what we expect will be a long and exciting relationship with Docurama/New Video. Docurama Films www.docurama.com ,1336
Nominees Announced for the Fourth Annual HPA Awards,2009-10-22,Recognizing the abilities of the talented men and women behind the scenes who play a vital part in the creation of motion pictures commercials and television nominations have been announced by the Hollywood Post Alliance for the Fourth Annual HPA Awards.   Winners of the prestigious HPA Award will be announced during a gala evening ceremony on November 12th at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles California. The awards launched in 2006 acknowledge creative and technical excellence in the art science and craft of post-production in twelve categories. In announcing the nominees HPA president Leon Silverman said Again this year the fourth for the HPA Awards we have been consistently impressed with the quality skill and talent of the entrants.  These awards honor those people who make the art happen the collaborative partners throughout the creative process. It is no small accomplishment to take a vision contribute to it and make it reality. We are proud to present these nominees who make the magic real and we are grateful to the companies that support them and who make their work possible. Nominees for the HPA Awards include: Outstanding Color Grading – Feature Film in a DI Process “Pride and Glory”             Dave Cole // LaserPacific Media Corporation “Julie & Julia”                         Steven J. Scott // EFilm “Defiance”                              Natasha Leonnet // EFilm Outstanding Color Grading – Television “Four Single Fathers”     Sergio Cremasco // Rumblefish Mad Men – The Jet Set” Tim Vincent // LaserPacific Media Corporation “Yankee Stadium Tribute – Yogi’s Bronx”          Siggy Ferstl // Company 3 Outstanding Color Grading – Commercial Pepsi “Pass”     Stefan Sonnenfeld // Company 3 American Express “Members Moments” Valerie Junge // Big Sky Editorial                    Jaguar “XJ Launch Film”                     Alex Bickel // Outside Editorial Outstanding Editing – Feature Film “Star Trek”             Maryann Brandon A.C.E and Mary Jo Markey A.C.E. // Paramount “The Hurt Locker”         Chris Innis and Bob Murawski “Slumdog Millionaire”         Chris Dickens A.C.E. Outstanding Editing – Television “Dollhouse – Omega”          Harry B. Miller III A.C.E “Breaking Bad – ABQ”     Lynne Willingham A.C.E. // Sony Pictures Entertainment “Lie to Me – Season Finale” David J. Siegel A.C.E. and David C. Cook Outstanding Editing – Commercial Bing.com Syndrome Chris Franklin // Big Sky Editorial NASCAR “Start Er Up” Neil Gust // Outside Editorial Jaguar XF/XK         Neil Gust // Outside Editorial Outstanding Audio Post – Feature Film “Watchmen” Chris Jenkins Frank A. Montano Scott Hecker and Eric Norris // Universal Studios Sound “Up” E.J. Holowicki // Pixar Animation Studios Tom Myers Michael Silvers and Michael Semanick // Skywalker Sound “Quantum of Solace” Eddy Joseph // Soundelux London Jimmy Boyle     Outstanding Audio Post – Television   “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Mascara”             David F. Van Slyke // Slick Sounds Ruth Adelman Jivan Tahmizian Bill Smith Yuri Reese and Mace Matiosian // Todd-AO   “Lost – The Incident”     Tom de Gorter Paula Fairfield Carla Murray Scott Weber and Frank Morrone // Walt Disney Studio Post Production Services “Fringe – Unleashed”          Thomas Harris Michael Ferdie Chris Reeves Mark Fleming and Tom Dahl // Walt Disney Studio Post Production Services Outstanding Audio Post – Commercial   Sony “Extreme Detail Bond” Parv Thind // Wave Recording Studios Outstanding Audio Post – Commercial  (continued) Honda Fury “Unleashed”                         Paul Hurtubise Richard Cooperman and Thom Blackburn // Solid Jeff Levy // Margarita Mix Santa Monica Honda Civic “Grooves”                         Nathan Dubin // Margarita Mix Santa Monica Outstanding Compositing – Feature Film “Star Trek” Eddie Pasquarello Grady Cofer Greg Salter and Conny Fauser // Industrial Light & Magic “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” Nelson Sepulveda Ben O’Brien Matthew Brumit and Robert Hoffmeister // Industrial Light & Magic Outstanding Compositing – Television “House – House Divided” Elan Soltes Dan Lopez Jeremy Jozwik and Changsoo Eun // Encore Hollywood “Krupp – Eine Deutsche Familie” (Krupp - A German Family) Thomas Tannenberger Olcun Tan Shane Cook and Josiah Howison // Gradient Effects Outstanding Compositing – Commercial NBA “Amazing Playoff Moments – Bird Steals the Ball”       Geoff McAuliffe Jimi Simmons Sean McLean and Robin Hobart //     Brickyard VFX Outstanding Compositing – Commercial (continued) “The Day the Earth Stood Still - International Landmark Destruction     Campaign” Brady Beaubien and Brandon Peterson // Interlace Toyota “Ninja Kittens”                 Colin Renshaw // Animal Logic In addition to the categories announced today famed filmmaker sound designer visual effects expert and Academy Award winner Ben Burtt will receive the Charles S. Swartz Award which honors individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the field of post.  The Award recognizes Burtt’s important contributions and his powerful artistic impact on the industry.   Also on November 12th post-production icon Paul Haggar will receive the organization’s Lifetime Achievement Award.  Haggar rose through the studio ranks from the Paramount mailroom to apprentice editor and eventually to executive vice president of post-production for feature films a post he held for over 20 years.  The HPA Engineering Excellence Award winners DVS Digital Video Systems for Clipster Signiant for Content Distribution Management and S.two Corporation for the OB-1 Uncompressed Digital Recorder will also be recognized at the gala. Tickets are now available. For further details about the Hollywood Post Alliance Awards visit www.hpaawards.net.