Cripps Ochs to Keynote at CinemaCon International Day Breakfast

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Sun, 03/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Andrew Cripps president of Paramount Pictures International and Millard L. Ochs president of Warner Bros. International Cinemas are slated to give the keynote addresses as part of CinemaCon’s International Day. The keynote addresses will take place at the International Day Breakfast on March 28. 
 Mitch Neuhauser managing director of CinemaCon says “As our industry continues to evolve around the world it is imperative that cinema owners and operators keep up to date with the ongoing changes within the industry. Both Millard L. Ochs and Andrew Cripps will be able to provide valuable insight to the state of the industry in regards to international exhibition and the current state of international distribution. We are delighted they are joining us to kick off the inaugural edition of CinemaCon and we are excited to be able to provide the international exhibitors attending CinemaCon with the opportunity to hear a keynote address that we believe will be timely topical and memorable.” Cripps has been president of Paramount Pictures International since its inception in January 2007. Ochs has served as president of Warner Bros. International Cinemas since 1994 having been named to the post six months after joining the company. CinemaCon