Cinemaworld of Florida Installing Digital Screen in Three Locations

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Thu, 03/24/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Cinemaworld of Florida is installing NEC digital cinema projectors and GDC servers provided by Ballantyne-Strong for 43 Cinedigm-Certified screens in three locations in Florida and Rhode Island. The installations were to have been completed by the end of March.   “We have taken our time in reviewing all of the available choices in the market. Cinedigm’s integration program allowed us to negotiate our own equipment deals and provided us with the best opportunity to recoup our investment ” says Rick Starr II Cinemaworld’s vice president and chief operating officer. “Cash flow was a major concern and Cinedigm gave us many choices to meet our needs. We look forward to many years of partnership with them.” “We are thrilled and proud that after extensive research and due diligence Cinemaworld selected Cinedigm as their digital cinema integrator partner ” says Chuck Goldwater president Cinedigm’s Media Services Group.  “We look forward to working with Rick and the Cinemaworld team to help them take full advantage of the operational and the programming applications made available by Cinedigm’s digital cinema platform.”