Christie Xpand Support 3D at Spain’s San Sebastián Film Festival

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Wed, 09/23/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Xpand and Christie teamed up to convert the Antonio Elorza Velodrome into a colossal 3D cinema during this year’s San Sebastián Film Festival which took place September 18-26 in one of Spain’s most beautiful countryside’s. Showcasing four major 3D films including the Spanish premiere of Battle for Terra and Oceanworld the festival also screened the 3D version of Toy Story and The Nightmare Before Christmas presented as the Velodrome 3D Movies.   With an approximate audience of 3 000 at each screening the Velodrome was transformed into a giant screen theatre experience that will be one of the largest presentations produced at an international film festival.   The companies also partnered with Kelonik which has been collaborating with the San Sebastián Film Festival for several years. “The company has gained noticeable momentum by appearing at some of the most prestigious film festivals this year including Cannes and Venice further proving that the Xpand trademark of 3D has become the leading choice in superior technologies “ says Xpand’s CEO Maria Costeira. “It’s a privilege to be the 3D cinema leader throughout Europe in particular the Spanish marketplace which continues to be a prosperous and landmark region.” Xpand