Autodesk Announces Support for ACES 1.0

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Sat, 04/18/2015 - 18:33 -- Nick Dager

Autodesk has announced that Flame Premium creative finishing software, Maya 3D animation software, Shotgun and RV, will support ACES 1.0, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' color management and interchange standards. Simultaneously, Autodesk unveiled plans to make its SynColor color management engine available as a reference implementation for future ACES adopters through a royalty-free, permissive license.

With support for the new ACES 1.0 color transforms and Common LUT Format (CLF) already integrated into the latest versions of Flame, Lustre, and Maya, creative professionals now have greater flexibility to achieve and maintain pristine color consistency across imagery created and modified in industry-standard tools – from production to post, delivery and archival. The availability of Autodesk’s SynColor production-proven CPU and GPU reference implementation, which features support for exact-math ACES transforms, CLF, OpenColorIO and ICC, will also enable technology developers to more quickly deliver high quality ACES applications with top-notch performance.

“ACES is an important standard and ACES v1.0 is a milestone in its development. At Autodesk, we are proud of our contribution to the development of ACES,” said Marc Stevens, vice president of Film & Television Solutions, Autodesk. “Standards are good for the industry and we support the Academy’s efforts to preserve creative intent, streamline digital workflows and minimize costs throughout the creative chain. Integrating ACES support into our products as well as making our reference implementation available to future ACES adopters, demonstrates our commitment to its success.”