Australian Authoring House Motionlink Diversifies into the DCI Market

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Thu, 04/01/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

When the Australian company Motionlink expanded into the business of distributing Digital Cinema Packages for cinema in 2010 they were faced with the challenges of DCP packaging and DCPs workflows – specifically speed and performance. The Digital Cinema Initiative establishes exacting specifications for digital cinema that ensure a uniform and high level of technical performance reliability and quality control. Motionlink being a smaller facility and mindful of both the expenditure and the complexity of DCI workflows realized there was no margin for error or downtime. The facility installed a DVS Clipster to meet the demand. Motionlink managing director Grant Salinger says “When DVS demonstrated their DCP packaging it became crystal clear to us that this intelligent DCI workflow could not be matched by any other competitive solution. We’re still ecstatic that within one hour of their delivery the DVS unit was underway producing DCPs for the Wiggles cinema tour.” Dan Germain worldwide business development and pre sales at DVS says “We’re thrilled that Motionlink has opted for a brand new line of business with our company flagship Clipster. It is brilliant that another cutting-edge DCI workflow is now up and running on the fifth continent and we’re proud to support such an important Australian client.”