Apollo Carmarthen Cinema Claims Europe’s First All-3D Multiplex

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Thu, 05/27/2010 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The Apollo Carmarthen Cinema in South West Wales which opened its six-screen picture house earlier this spring says it has become the first all digital 3D-ready multiplex in Europe. The multiplex has Harkness Screens Spectral 240 3D screens in all six theatres. “We have been using Harkness Screens in our cinemas for some time now and we are delighted with its quality and service ” says Rob Arthur managing director for Apollo Cinemas.  “As Sony 4K digital projectors are introduced into our cinemas it is essential that we have a projection surface capable of providing breathtaking images.  Harkness’ Spectral 240 3D screen allows us to give cinema patrons an enhanced viewing experience never before seen.” With a total of six screens and a seating capacity of 1 000 the Apollo Carmarthen Cinema features luxury stadium seating and other amenities. “While other cinemas in Europe that are currently “all 3D” only have one screen the Carmarthen Cinema is the first that can show 3D on all of its multiple Harkness Screens ” adds Arthur. Apollo's Carmarthen multiplex is the ninth of Apollo's 14 U.K. sites to introduce digital projection and follows installations in Redditch Altrincham and Fareham. Since the company switched to digital it has transformed 27 percent of its business to 3D. Among the first films that will be shown at the cinema will be comic book sequel Iron Man 2 and fantasy remake Clash of the Titans. Apollo Cinemas http://www.apollocinemas.com Harkness Screens www.harkness-screens.com