Annual HPA Tech Retreat Issues Call for Proposals

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Mon, 10/05/2020 - 10:29 -- Nick Dager

The Hollywood Professional Association has issued the call for proposals for the 2021 HPA Tech Retreat. This year, the respected gathering is evolving into a dynamic virtual event, taking place in February 2021. The HPA Tech Retreat has led technology transformation for over 25 years, this year turning the power of its thought leaders and key influencers towards tackling the impact of the global pandemic on the media landscape.

The Hollywood Professional Association has issued the call for proposals for the 2021 HPA Tech Retreat. The annual gathering of professionals who work at the intersection of technology and creative media seeks program submissions on that critical topic as well as its usual focus, groundbreaking ideas and technologies. Again this year, the main program will be determined by proposals submitted during the Call for Proposals. Proposals will be accepted until 5:00 PDT Friday November 20.  Submissions are also now open for the breakfast roundtables.

The conversations and connections that are a hallmark of every HPA Tech Retreat is still a key element and will be enabled and encouraged through technology. Details on the entire event will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

Main program presentations are strictly reserved for marketing-free content.

HPA’s long running program manager Mark Schubin noted that main program sessions can include a wide range of topics, but an important focus this year will be on how technology has helped the industry overcome the impact of the COVID 19 virus and the role it will play as we adapt to a new set of industry challenges and opportunities.

Schubin said, “ As usual, we seek proposals for presentations and/or panels related to all aspects of movies, television, and other aspects of motion imaging and related sound and other sensations. But there are new rules. The maximum duration of any presentation or panel will be 20 minutes, but we might be able to accommodate more presentations, so consider splitting big topics into multiple presentations. There is no minimum duration. If selected, presentations are to be prerecorded and delivered before the event (deadlines will be announced). Extra consideration will be given to proposals addressing the global pandemic.”

Presentation proposals must come from the proposed presenter. No formal submissions are required and proposals are informal in nature; a sentence or two is usually sufficient. If more information is needed, it will be requested. 

Breakfast roundtables will return for the virtual event.  Unlike the other portions of the HPA Tech Retreat, the moderator-led breakfast roundtables can include marketing information. Schubin said, “Table moderators are free to teach, preach, ask, call-to-task, sell, kvell, or do anything else that keeps conversation flowing for an hour.” 

There is no vetting process for breakfast roundtables. Proposals for breakfast roundtables must be submitted by their proposed moderators and once the maximum number of tables is reached no more can be accepted. 

Schubin added, “In the age of COVID-19, the HPA Tech Retreat will still be exactly the same but completely different.  Stay tuned for more details, but don't forget to submit your presentation proposals and breakfast roundtable topics."

HPA president Seth Hallen concluded, “Despite the challenges presented by the COVID pandemic, we are going to make sure that this HPA Tech Retreat continues to engage, inform and connect in its usual jaw dropping way.  This year, more than ever, the discussion and deep knowledge is exactly what our community needs and seeks. Your input is what has always made the HPA Tech Retreat program unlike any other event, and I encourage you to submit for this year’s program - the industry needs to hear from you.”

Submissions should be sent to [email protected]. Submitters will be contacted if the topic is of interest. 

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