ALT Systems Offers Smoke Classes

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Mon, 05/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

ALT Systems has expanded its training programs and appointed Brent Gilmartin as artist advocate and senior trainer. In that position Gilmartin a certified Autodesk trainer will lead the company’s efforts in developing and implementing proprietary courses for Autodesk creative finishing products beginning with its new Smoke for Mac curriculum for professionals new to finishing or unfamiliar with the Smoke interface. Last year we saw a robust interest in the adoption of Autodesk Smoke for Mac OS X from customers who had never before used Autodesk. It was a meaningful change in toolsets that created a massive learning curve for those facilities says Jon Guess president of ALT Systems. With the addition of Brent and the expansion of our training programs we can now help pro users enhance their skillset in a distinctive cost-effective way. Gilmartin brings over 20 years of industry experience to his role at ALT Systems. A collaborator with the ALT team since 2005 he has worked with them on assignment to develop top-tier Autodesk training and demonstrations. He will also oversee the expansion of the company's advanced customized training offerings to artists who need to utilize all the technology available to them in the Autodesk Creative Finishing product line. Training is a crucial component of success in the advanced use of the tools available today says Gilmartin. My objective is to seek out the best techniques and methodologies to help users understand how to integrate evolving software hardware and digital systems and make them work well together. I'm excited to be part of team that recognizes the contribution of the skilled VFX technician to the art of storytelling. Gilmartin began his career as an on-line editor and designer. He joined Modern VideoFilm in 1997 concentrating on visual effects for episodic television and feature films. He went on to work on feature films as a visual effects supervisor. Gilmartin began working with Autodesk in 2004 conducting training and product feature demonstrations for Flame and Smoke. His freelance work also consists of compositing and effects for television commercials theatrical trailers and features at such facilities as Sony Imageworks Digital Domain and Lola FX. His credits include Date Night Eclipse The Day the Earth Stood Still Hancock Seabiscuit Boogeyman and What Dreams May Come. At ALT Systems we navigate the ecosystems of technology and creativity where our customers – and our customer's customers – must thrive says Guess. We know it's not simply the tools but the talent using the tools that make the difference. We aim to be a dedicated partner with our customers in evaluating the situation providing insight and helping them immediately capitalize on their upgrades and installations. Having worked with Brent for a number of years and understanding the depth of his talent and expertise we are looking forward to an expanded training initiative that brings value to our customers' technological adaptation and success. ALT's new Smoke for Mac University program starts by assisting participants with loading a trial license on their own Mac Pro or MacBook Pro. During class meetings students will have the opportunity to drive one of ALT's professionally configured workstations. This combined in-person instruction and experiment-at-home model is designed to improve the educational experience in ways that other training courses do not and make it easy to learn new software inexpensively. The first full-day course will be held June 11 introducing users to the software its interface and tools. A second class for those who want to delve deeper into the toolsets will follow on June 25. An additional course into advanced techniques and new features is available on July 9. Gilmartin will also hold several virtual professor office hours throughout the course sequence to answer questions and assist users during their at-home experience. Class sizes are limited and the cost is only $200 for each one-day course. Lessons take place at ALT's Autodesk Authorized Training Center in Sun Valley California. For more information or to register visit