All Mobile Video Offers EX3 Carrypack Portable Production System

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Wed, 04/29/2009 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

New York City-based All Mobile Video recently built a new multi-camera tapeless EX3 Carrypack portable production system around Sony PMW-EX3 camcorders and Fujinon lenses. Three Fujinon XS13x3.3 wide-angle lenses were purchased specifically for the multi-camera unit.   AMV also uses several Fujinon lenses with the EX3 Carrypack including the HA42x9.7ERD HD premier series stabilized telephoto ENG-style lens HA22x7.8 HD telephoto lens and HA13x4.5BERD super wide angle ENG/EFP lens among others.
The EX3 Carrypack was used on its first project this month a multi-camera studio production at AMV’s Unitel Studio in Manhattan for a new MTV game show Silent Library. The show was shot over three weeks using five EX3 cameras with three Fujinon HA22x7.8 and two Fujinon XS13x3.3 lenses plus one Iconix Studio2K lipstick camera with a Fujinon 2.8X lens. All isolated shots and line cut shots were recorded to Sony XDCAM EX recorders. 
According to Tom D’Angelo director of rental services the Fujinon XS13x3.3 wide-angle lens represents a key component in the new carrypack infrastructure. “We have acquired a significant level of flexibility with that lens ” he said. “The Fujinon XS13x3.3 performs very well in that it allows us to achieve longer focal lengths when shooting wide angle focal lengths that require a lens made specifically for a 1/2-inch imager. Adding in the HA22x7.8 2/3-inch lens via an adapter all the cameras match and look fantastic. They perform beautifully – whether on set with one of our HD mobile units and studios or on a more conservative level of production. Budget restrictions do not impede our clients’ expectations which is why we’ve come to rely on Fujinon as manufacturer of high quality lenses for all these platforms.”
 Since equipping the EX3 Carrypack D’Angelo says the company is able to offer cost-effective multi-camera HD acquisition to its clientele. “We can provide high quality 1920x1080 multi-camera shoots at price points similar or in many cases lower than standard definition was just a short time ago. The economic challenges today demand that facility providers work more efficiently. We’re confident that the AMV EX3 Carrypack with the Fujinon XS lenses fits the bill.”