Adlabs Films First in India to Show Journey to the Center of the Earth in Digital 3D

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Fri, 09/26/2008 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

India-based Adlabs Films part of Reliance ADA Group announced that it will premiere the 3D Hollywood movie Journey to the Center of the Earth in digital 3D for the first time at the Adlabs Cinema in Vashi in New Mumbai. In a press statement Patrick von Sychowski chief operating officer of Adlabs Digital Cinema says that the digital 3D technology was a new form of cinema entertainment where the audience can view the movie with enhanced clarity. “Digital cinema is a quantum leap from old analog 3D that involved red-blue eyeglasses or headgear that made viewing a bit cumbersome says Sychowski. “Within a few years most Hollywood blockbusters are expected to be made in digital 3D. We at Adlabs are the first to bring this new technology to India.” Adlabs had also pioneered the use of 6D in the first screen of its type in the Adlabs Cinema in Agra earlier this year in partnership with Israel-based Cinema Park Network. Adlabs is now the first cinema chain in India to have both 6D and 3D formats. “It is a technology which takes viewers virtually into the heart of the adventure on show ” says Tushar Dhingra Adlabs Cinema chief operating officer. Adlabs; Reliance ADA Group