AAM Software Powers San Sebastian International Film Festival

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Thu, 10/02/2014 - 13:16 -- Nick Dager

The San Sebastian International Film Festival used Arts Alliance Media’s cinema software to manage all content and scheduling of festival films throughout the event. The festival, which ran from September 19-27, is held across six different venues in the city with screenings on 24 different screens. Arts Alliance Media’s Screenwriter Theatre Management System software was installed at each site to simplify operations and help with the specific challenges that film festivals often face.

AAM’s Producer circuit management system was also installed at the festival head office to connect all the individual screens and provide information centrally to give a bird’s eye view of what is happening, in real time, across the festival.

Of the sites participating in the festival, three SADE cinemas (Principe, Trueba & Antiguo Berri) are already AAM customers and have been using the Screenwriter software for two years to manage content, create and schedule playlists and automate procedures. Now three additional sites (Victoria Eugenia Theater, Principal Theater and Kursaal Auditorium) have also been equipped with the software to ensure a seamless experience across all festival venues, improving the experience from last years.

Screenwriter and Producer are specifically built to handle large numbers of titles over multiple screens with ease, and SSIFF, with around 200 titles and over 250 prints played over 10 days, is a great showcase for the software’s key features. Festival organizers can view all content across all sites from one central point with Producer, as well as being able to access and control any screen directly. Last minute content and schedule changes can be easily managed with simple drag and drop, with automatic content transfer to ensure the right content is on the right server when it is needed.

KDM management for festivals can be a time-consuming test of logistics, but with Screenwriter venue and festival managers can see in advance any shows, which may have KDM problems, while there is plenty of time to fix the issue. KDM delivery is also made simple, with the ability to upload KDMs centrally and have them automatically sent to the right screens.

Eric Stevens, commercial director of Arts Alliance Media said, “We’re always delighted when our software makes a real difference to people, and a film festival with hundreds of pieces of content tightly scheduled in multiple venues over just a few days is an excellent showcase for how Screenwriter can save time, increase control and minimize errors.”

AAM software has also been used to power other film festivals including Toronto, Moscow, Filmfest Munich and Leipzig’s Filmkunstmesse.

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