Screening Cane Toads

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Wed, 01/27/2010 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

The documentary Cane Toads: The Conquest from Australian writer/director Mark Lewis is the first Australian digital 3D feature film and was a rare 3D entry at Sundance — following the festival's previous (and highly successful) 3D entry in 2008 Mark Pellington's U2 3D. 

The film screened in Park City's Eccles auditorium a 1 200-seat venue on Barco’s DP-3000 digital cinema projectors. Playback originated from a Dolby digital cinema server. “Working with Russell Allen of Dolby Production Services and the team from Barco at the Eccles Auditorium set-up was a delight ” says Mark Lewis writer producer and director of Cane Toads: The Conquest. “They not only managed to make my toads look beautiful in 3D but they made them sing in Dolby Surround Sound.” “In 2008 the U2 3D screening was a turning point for the Sundance Film Festival. We had never screened a feature-length 3D documentary before and it was clear that we were about to embark on something extraordinary ” says Ian Calderon director of digital initiatives for the Sundance Institute. “At the time I turned to the parties that I knew who would deliver a world-class picture for our filmmakers and our audience. Barco was the clear leader in this space and their reputation in 3D spoke for itself. Barco projectors along with Dolby servers made for the perfect fit so it was easy to conclude that they were the experts to reach out to. And this year once again in the Eccles auditorium we're very fortunate to have their combined support.” 

 “Sundance is about platforming new talent supporting artists and helping filmmakers tell their stories ” continues Calderon. “And this year we're showing a creative 3D project and I'm grateful that it's happening with the support of Barco. The success in our presentation will manifest itself not only in the quality of the image but in the quality of the people we work with. We are very fortunate to have Barco's technology and staff to support 3D at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.” “The Sundance Film Festival was very pleased with the entertainment experience Dolby 3D and Dolby Surround Sound brought to the success of the U2 3D premiere in 2008 ” says Sarah Pearce director of operations Sundance Film Festival. “The audience actually felt like they were at a U2 concert. In addition Dolby’s eco-conscious solution appeals to Sundance as the high-quality reusable Dolby 3D glasses deliver both an enhanced and environmentally friendly 3D viewing experience.” “Dolby 3D continues to be the solution of choice for prestigious events like the Sundance Film Festival that value a quality 3D presentation for its patrons ” says Page Haun senior director of marketing cinema segment Dolby Laboratories. “Be it Avatar’s global premiere U2 3D at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame or the latest 3D content at Comic-Con 2009 Dolby delivers premium quality 3D and immersing surround sound to audiences who love entertainment.” “Over the past several years the Sundance festival has grown into the world's most significant showcase for independent films ” says Joe DeMeo Barco's director of sales for digital cinema. “We're honored that once again this year Barco is playing a significant part in another milestone 3D screening at Sundance. Whether it's the science fiction domain of Avatar the concert experience with U2 3D and now the realm of the documentary film we're delighted to help bring the filmmaker's vision to the screen with the digital cinema industry's brightest and clearest images.” The Sundance Film Festival ran from January 21 to 31 in Park City Utah. Barco Dolby Sundance