NEC Europe Launches NC1000C Projector

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Wed, 09/28/2016 - 11:25 -- Nick Dager

The NEC NC10000C projector.NEC Display Solutions Europe today launched the NC1000C, its second-generation digital cinema projector using NSH lamp technology, offering an enhanced cinema experience at theatres with smaller screens or small projection booths. The company says the new projector is compact, silent in operation and matches the specific demands of mobile cinema applications and theatres without dedicated projection booths.

The NC1000C is an all-in-one system that builds on NEC’s expertise in the digital cinema industry. This compact and silent projector features the latest generation Integrated Media Server, a high performance server that offers the highest flexibility for content management while reducing the number of peripheral devices required.

The digital projector offers a unique movie experience with exceptional image quality thanks to crisp and Digital Cinema Initiatives compliant 2K image display combined with natural colors resulting from a cinema Digital Light Processing engine and 3D capabilities. The NC1000C also offers precise color processing and adjustable constant brightness settings for the best viewing experience, making it the ideal solution for cinema screens of up to 10 meters in art houses, mobile cinemas, universities and public buildings.

Gerd Kaiser, senior product line manager large venue projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe said, “Lower total cost of ownership, flexibility and efficiency are key requirements for all types of cinemas of today. NEC is meeting these key requirements with the NC1000C, the perfect answer for theatres with small screens or projection booths that need high-quality cinema projection quality. Users benefit from a future-proof investment providing both low initial costs as well as low operational costs with enhanced flexibility and efficiency.”

The projector comes with a wide zoom bayonet lens portfolio with motorized zoom, focus and lens shift. This enables customized installations as well as easy replacement of current cinema projectors. Additionally, the Hot Lamp Swapping feature provides added reliability by ensuring continuous projection and easy lamp exchange during operation. Overall, the NC1000C is highly flexible and does not require an exhaust system, making it suitable for either floor or ceiling installation.

The NEC NC1000C cinema projector will be available in October. The company did not release any pricing information.