Entries for SET Award 2014 Accepted Now Through July 22

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Tue, 07/01/2014 - 11:45 -- Nick Dager

SET Expo 2014SET, the Brazilian Society of Television Engineering has announced the call for entries for SET Award 2014 will be accepted between now and July 22. This is the fifth year for the award, which is dedicated to companies and professionals that contribute with innovation and relevance for technology development of the Brazilian Television. The companies that would like to enroll must be established in Brazil or have an official representation or distributor. The professionals must be exercising their activities in Brazil.

The award is divided in six categories:

Products/ solutions for transmission in ISDB-T: innovation in DTV transmission in ISDB-T, solutions and integration with satellites and IP networks.

Innovative Product for reception in ISDB-T: includes antennas, receivers, tuners, devices for mobile and portable reception and software for receivers.

Project for TV interactivity: innovative projects such as T-commerce, Social TV, viewership rates and others.

Mobility Project for audiovisual content: innovative projects for mobility and audiovisual content consumption.

Innovative Project: post-production and audiovisual content post-production and projects in production flow in any screening platform.

Solutions for production, distribution and audiovisual content archiving in cloud: solutions for SaaS (software as service), PaaS (platform as a service) and IaaS (insfrastructure as a service), that add value to the Media and Entertainment segments with integration of ecosystems or work flow, in private and public clouds.

Each category will have a winner that will receive a SET Award 2014 Winner Seal, to be used in websites, catalogs, advertisement, social networks and other media, as public demonstration of the market recognition of the winning product, service, technology or project. A ceremony will be held during SET Expo 2014 when the winners will be revealed and each will receive a trophy handed by a famous guest, specially invited for it.

The entries submitted to compete for the Award will be judged by SET Organizing Committee.  A list of three finalists of each category will be chosen by the Committee and validated by SET Board of Directors.  From July 25th to August 13th, this list will be largely disclosed to SET members and to professionals of the industry, and voting can be done through the Internet in our website.

The submissions for SET Award 2014 can be done in their website http://www.set.org.br/eventos_setpremio_inscricao2014.asp.

The Brazilian Society of TV Engineering (SET) http://www.set.org.br/index.asp