Central Cinema Upgrades with Barco Smart Laser

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Fri, 03/31/2017 - 16:45 -- Nick Dager

Barco has announced the opening of Japan’s first two theaters featuring Smart Laser technology.Barco has announced the opening of Japan’s first two theaters featuring Smart Laser technology. At both its Miyazaki and Omuta locations, cinema chain Central Cinema has replaced two existing projectors with Barco DP2K-20CLP projectors.

In this way, the exhibitor intends to offer audiences high-quality laser images while reducing maintenance costs and maximizing profit. In their other screening rooms, both the Miyazaki and Omuta theaters already have Barco’s projection technology installed.

Both Central Cinema theaters are owned by parent company Central Kanko, who started its cinema business in 1977. In line with its philosophy to preserve beloved theaters while continuing to improve the movie experience, Central Kanko decided to upgrade to Smart Laser projection. For this, Central Kanko worked with Barco’s channel partner Eizou KiKi System. 

The first Central Cinema complex to receive the upgrade is Central Cinema Miyazaki in Japan’s Miyazaki prefecture. With 1,821 seats and nine screens, it is the largest complex of the two. Seven of its screening rooms were already equipped with Barco projectors. Now, the remaining two have received a major upgrade with the installation of two Barco Smart Laser DP2K-20CLP projectors. The same story is true at Central Cinema Omuta, in Fukuoka prefecture. This slightly smaller cinema has seven screens and 1,414 seats. Recently, the only two non-Barco projectors were also replaced with two DP2K-20CLP units. 

“We believe the Barco DP2K-20CLP is the best fit for our theaters,” said Kazuko Rikitake, company owner and president, Central Kanko. “They perfectly match our screen sizes, offer laser-sharp images, and don’t require projectionists to replace any xenon lamps. This lowers risks as well as maintenance costs, saves us a lot of time, and ultimately helps us maximize profits.”