ArcLight Cinema Expands

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Sun, 03/17/2013 - 21:58 -- Nick Dager

ArcLight Cinemas in its first expansion outside the greater Los Angeles market has selected Doremi technology to manage its unique new 14-screen 1,800-seat cinema in San Diego. The complex will feature both 2K and 4K Integrated Media Blocks and Doremi servers. In addition, the installation includes a comprehensive accessibility package for the hearing and sight impaired.

ArcLight Cinemas“To create the ideal movie-going experience, the leading state-of-the-art technology is required,” said Joe Miraglia, director of design, construction and facilities, Pacific Theatres. “Our decision to partner with Doremi and their integrated platform is representative of our commitment to an unprecedented combination of technology, amenities, reliability, and customer service.”

“Doremi’s superior level of customer service and technical support were among some of the factors that influenced ArcLight’s decision,” said Jose Alvarado, president, ACS Enterprises. ACS Enterprises managed the installation as well procurement of equipment.

“By offering the most advanced and flexible feature set for their product lines, partnering with Doremi was the right choice for us,” added Joe Miraglia. ArcLight Cinema’s signature theater amenities will be supplemented with the Doremi CaptiView and Fidelio.

“The CaptiView provides a discrete in-seat caption display and the Fidelio wireless audio system delivers descriptive narration for the visually impaired and amplified sound for the hearing impaired,” said Beth Figge, senior sales manager, Doremi. “These exceptional accessories help ArcLight to champion its commitment to accessibility and provide unique entertainment experiences to a diverse marketplace.”

ArcLight Cinemas, created by Pacific Theatres, represents an evolution in the movie going experience. With locations in Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, Pasadena, El Segundo and La Jolla, ArcLight Cinemas offers an unprecedented combination of technology, amenities, comfort, and customer service.

Facilities include the historic Cinerama Dome (only at the Hollywood location) and black box auditoriums as well as a café bar and a cinema-focused gift shop. Tickets can be purchased online without a fee and printed at home and at the theaters’ automated ticketing kiosks.