AAM Supports San Sebastian Film Festival

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Mon, 09/18/2017 - 11:51 -- Nick Dager

Arts Alliance Media and the San Sebastian International Film Festival have renewed their partnership for the fourth year running.Arts Alliance Media and the San Sebastian International Film Festival have renewed their partnership for the fourth year running. AAM will provide theatre management system and enterprise TMS software solutions to efficiently manage all of the festival’s content and scheduling.

AAM’s Screenwriter TMS will be installed at each of the six different festival venues across the city and connected to Producer, AAM’s Enterprise TMS, at festival HQ. This combination of TMS and Enterprise TMS give SSIFF responsive and far reaching control over their operations.

“Running a film festival of this scale and prestige is a logistical nightmare. If something can go wrong, it probably will,” said Leire Apellaniz, head of SSIFF’s technical department. “AAM solutions give us the control, visibility and tools to plan, deliver and monitor our whole festival. Screenwriter is flexible enough to allow for any inevitable last minute program changes, and together with Producer is robust enough to give us complete confidence over our operations.”

Screenwriter enables on-site staff to schedule content and automate playlist and schedule building. It also provides a full overview of their complex’s content operations all from one intuitive interface.  At the festival head office, enterprise TMS, Producer provides a single, real-time view of everything happening on each screen, across the entire festival. It allows for all TMS functions to be monitored and managed remotely- significantly saving staff time at sites and minimising human errors.

Operations during a film festival are especially challenging, and at higher stakes, so it is important that as many processes as possible are streamlined. Screenwriter and Producer are specifically built to handle large numbers of titles over multiple screens with ease, and SSIFF, with around 200 titles played over eight days, is a great showcase for the software’s key features.

John Aalbers, CEO of Arts Alliance Media added, “We’re delighted to partner with San Sebastian once again to help them run their 65th festival. Using seamless solutions that they can rely on to perform under pressure year after year allows the festival organisers to focus on creating exceptional experiences for their festival-goers.”

AAM software has also been used to power other film festivals including Sundance, Toronto, Moscow, Filmfest Munich and Leipzig’s Filmkunstmesse.

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