WCPMedia’s Yas to Discuss Media Management on the Cloud

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Tue, 02/21/2017 - 11:40 -- Nick Dager

WCPMedia Services managing director, Americas Kenneth Yas will describe how emerging cloud-based media management technologies are creating new workflows and new opportunities for production companies, post-production facilities and other in two Breakfast Roundtable discussions at the Hollywood Professional Association’s 23rd annual HPA Tech Retreat in Indian Wells, California.

In a session titled Is It Safe? Outsourcing for the Boutique Facility, Yas will discuss how the cloud is enabling smaller post-production facilities to compete in a global media market by outsourcing services such as media storage, dailies processing, deliverables production and media distribution.

The advent of data centers with bank-level security and redundant back-up procedures are allowing post houses to move to the cloud with confidence. Sophisticated media management tools, like those offered by WCPMedia Services, make it possible for smaller operations to manage valuable media assets, reduce overhead costs and meet today’s increasingly complex delivery requirements. More importantly, they make it possible for post suppliers to provide their clients with a range of new, high level services, including fast file sharing, remote access to media, and delivery of assets to production partners across the globe.

In a session titled Low-Cost Multi-Format Cloud-Based Dailies Deliveries, Yas will provide an overview of expanding options for storing, processing, sharing and delivering dailies via the cloud.

For producers faced with a myriad of options for managing dailies, Yas will detail criteria for choosing the best solution. Along with cost, producers need to consider such things as security, storage capacity, accessibility of assets, transcoding options, review and collaboration features, and ease of use. Production details such as shooting locations, camera systems and post-production workflows also need to be factored in.

The creation of entertainment content is becoming increasingly complex and involves ever-larger quantities of data. Many productions today are geographically diffuse, involving production partners and stakeholders around the globe. To meet today’s workflow requirements, a dailies system needs to be robust in terms of security, speed and storage capacity, and provide flexible tools to support sharing and creative collaboration.

The 2017 HPA Tech Retreat is taking place today through February 21-24.

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