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Muay Thai Madness
»POSTED on September 8, 2014
Al Caudullo’s documentary Muay Thai Madness is one of the first projects to be shot in 4K Ultra HD. The movie goes inside the Treasurers of Thailand – Mixed Martial Arts, which is the country’s centuries old national sport. Digital Cinema Report interviewed Caudullo via email about his documentary and, in particular, about his experience with 4K... //READ MORE


Our Cameras, Our Stories will air on PBS in October. Our Cameras, Our Stories to Air on PBS in October
»POSTED on September 18, 2014
New York City’s PBS station WNET 13 will feature Our Cameras, Our Stories, a series of short autobiographical documentaries by a group of talented high school filmmakers.
Free Birds. Reel FX Hits 4.5 Million Render Jobs Using PipelineFX Qube!
»POSTED on September 18, 2014
For Reel FX of Dallas, Texas and Santa Monica, California, one tool has helped them manage 4.5 million render jobs in the most efficient way possible. Now in its 11th year of use, PipelineFX’s Qube! plays the guardian role for a production queue riding high on the success of Free Birds and the impending release of the new Guillermo Del Toro-produced feature with 20th Century Fox, The Book of Life.
Using a 3D printer, filmmaker Al Caudullo built his own support gear for an upcoming shoot. What Do 3D Printing and 4K UHD Have in Common?
»POSTED on September 17, 2014
Every time I mention 3D printing as a practical alternative people say, “3D printing is good for toys but not much else yet.” I’m here to put that argument to rest once and for all. As I was getting ready for my upcoming 4K UHD shoot in Angkor Wat, Cambodia, I realized there was a gap in my equipment.
Rebuilding the World Trade Center premieres tonight on History Rebuilding the World Trade Center
»POSTED on September 11, 2014
On this, the thirteenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on New York City and Washington, D.C., Rebuilding the World Trade Center, Irish artist and filmmaker Marcus Robinson’s remarkable documentary about the reconstruction of the New York City landmark, makes its U.S. premiere tonight at 6 p.m. on History.
The photo of the Leica factory is used courtesy of Jon Fauer © Film and Digital Times. Magical Glass: Part 3, CW Sonderoptic
»POSTED on September 8, 2014
Even by itself a professional motion picture lens feels magical. Each one represents the painstaking work of many dedicated people who put their hearts and souls into the creation of a precision blend of metal and other materials encasing carefully polished glass.
Barco Escape Barco Escape Debuts with The Maze Runner
»POSTED on September 8, 2014
Barco Escape, Barco’s ultra-wide, multi-screen movie format on Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus device, will debut to the public September 19 with the release of director Wes Ball’s The Maze Runner from 20th Century Fox.


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