Barco Auro 11.1 Reaches 600 Screen Milestone

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Wed, 06/22/2016 - 13:05 -- Nick Dager

Barco has reached the milestone of 600 screens worldwide that have installed or are committed to install its Auro 11.1 cinema sound format. As standardization progress forges ahead, Barco renews its efforts for making immersive sound a key priority to optimize the truly immersive experience for the exhibition industry. More than 150 films have already been released or are currently being mixed in Auro 11.1 by Barco. 

“We focus on bringing the most compelling and immersive auditory experience possible while safeguarding that the technology, standards efforts, and quality level all meet the economic realities for exhibition,” said Brian Claypool, vice president, strategic business development at Barco. “AuroMax takes the best aspects of a standardized object-based immersive sound format and combines it with the channel-based layout of our existing technology to create the most captivating and cost-effective solution on the market.”

While the industry continues to collaborate towards a standard for immersive sound, a growing number of Auro 11.1 by Barco titles become available for new and existing customers. New titles include Warcraft, Secret Life of Pets, The Legend of Tarzan, Trolls, Ghostbusters, and Inferno.

Immersive sound by Barco continues to gain traction with exhibitors as the most economically viable immersive audio solution available. Recently, the nine-screen Grinn Film multiplex in Kursk, Russia became the second multiplex in the world where all theaters feature AuroMax immersive sound.