Warner Bros. Releases Social Series Aim High

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Sun, 10/30/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has announced that its action comedy series Aim High which the studio says is the first-ever social series from a Hollywood studio has debuted on Cambio and Facebook. Consumers can now become part of the show by integrating their profile information - including photos text and friends – by simply opting into the application on the show’s Facebook page or by registering on Cambio and linking to the account to Facebook.  Aim High is the story of a young man leading a double life - juggling his studies by day and serving as a government operative by night. This series chronicles the life of Nick Green a junior who's just starting a new school year as one of the country's 64 highly trained teenage operatives.

 When he's not handling international spies Nick is dreaming of Amanda Miles the most popular girl in school who's cool intelligent and very alluring. Amanda mercilessly flirts with Nick but before he can enjoy her advances he has to avoid Derek - her overly protective boyfriend who threatens him for even looking at her.
 Aim High is produced by Warner Premiere and Dolphin Entertainment and stars Jackson Rathbone (Twilight) Aimee Teegarden (Friday Night Lights) Johnny Pemberton (21 Jump Street) Rebecca Mader (Lost) and Greg Germann (Ally McBeal).  Aim High is truly an innovative series as it allows the viewer to become part of the show says Thomas Gewecke president of Warner Bros. Digital Distribution.  We're already exploring ways to develop this technology further and offer additional immersive features.   Our goal when creating Aim High was to bring the quality a viewer would expect from a film or broadcast TV show to the online space says McG producer. “Aim High is really a giant step forward for entertainment and I'm excited to see how fans will react to the show. The series is written and created by Heath Corson and Richie Keen who also serve as executive Producers directed by Thor Freudenthal (“Hotel for Dogs ” “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”) and produced by Lance Sloane. Aim High www.facebook.com/aimhighseries Cambio www.cambio.com ,2860
XDC Released Lang Lang in 179 Theatres 
,2011-10-31, The Lang Lang  Franz Liszt 200th birthday concert was broadcast October 23 into 179 European and Asian cinemas. Chris Timmins film marketing and promotions manager at Vue Entertainment told XDC prior to the concert We are delighted to collaborate with XDC Entertainment in a release of one of classical music's most appealing performers and our campaign with the Sunday Times is an excellent way to ensure audiences everywhere get a chance to see Lang Lang in a VUE cinema.” Lang Lang himself also added to the buzz by posting a video on YouTube discussing the unique one-off event as part of his world tour and general homage to Franz Liszt who would have been celebrating his 200th birthday this weekend. Lang Lang told his viewers I'm really looking forward to the Liszt Big Night the Liszt 200th birthday concert. Fabrice Testa vice president content and network services XDC said The appeal of Lang Lang is more evident than ever; 179 cinemas in Europe and Asia are now engaged in this unique event and we're thrilled with the enthusiasm we've seen from all parties willing to make it happen. Lang Lang is a very special performer indeed. Due to the time difference some cinemas received the concert 'as live'. Cinemas that do not have live capability received the content via digital cinema packages.