Studio Saving on Energy Costs using Thinkbox Deadline

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Tue, 11/29/2011 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

Technical director Lukas Dubeda of duber studio in the Czech Republic says he has saved as much as sixty percent on energy costs using the Deadline Power Management system from Thinkbox Software. Being a pipeline technical director I'm obsessed with efficiency and effectiveness. With the Power Management feature in Deadline I estimate we saved at least 60 percent on power costs over the last year. Looking at the initial cost of our 10 render nodes with that savings the entire Deadline studio license cost pays for itself within a year and a half at our studio. And that's not even a value we calculated when we chose Deadline. We got it because of its ease of integration use of Python open architecture and feature set. The power savings is just a tangible benefit on top of all that. The Deadline Power Management feature enables studios to control how machines start up and shut down automatically based on sets of render farm conditions including job load idle times job queue and more. Deadline also monitors external room temperature via strategically placed sensors shutting down or starting up nodes to stay within a particular thermal envelope and alerting administrators to environmental effects. It's the first line of defense when there are power and thermal issues in a studio environment says Thinkbox founder Chris Bond. If something like an air conditioning unit failure happens Deadline can help keep you from toasting your render farm. Bond says We actually developed the Power Management feature as an internal plug-in when we were doing our own productions. As our clients needed more rendering and faster delivery we had to keep bringing more power and more air conditioning into the building - this tool was built to help us economize for our own studio. We brought it into the commercial code with Version 2.0 and have been thrilled to see how it's helping Deadline users. I feel really good about our contribution to saving energy overall. Thinkbox Software