Spacenet Mexico Launches Satellite Network

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Fri, 10/14/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

VT iDirect has announced that Spacenet Communications Services de Mexico has launched an iDirect Evolution satellite network to distribute live HD content and digital movies to cinema complexes throughout Mexican cities. The network will provide connectivity from Spacenet Mexico's teleport where live content is down linked produced and then immediately redistributed to cinema complexes across the country. Spacenet Mexico purchased and installed an iDirect series 15100 universal satellite hub at its Mexico City-based teleport which complements its existing tier III+ teleport in Puebla. iDirect is a world leader in satellite-based IP communications technology. Spacenet Mexico's Evolution network is designed to satisfy growing customer demand for an affordable broadband system for cinema and content distribution across Mexico and Latin America. To help attract new audiences and offer existing audiences more variety exhibitors in the region are looking to turn their cinemas into multi-arts venues that offer a range of live and recorded events. In addition to broadcasting movies Spacenet Mexico can use its network for opera sporting events and other HD content. The provider's first such transmission took place in May when it successfully broadcasted a live prime time Las Vegas boxing match in HD over the iDirect satellite network to 20 cinema complexes throughout Mexico. Expanding the content that is broadcast to cinemas beyond movies has proven to be an important revenue opportunity for exhibitors helping them gain new customers and grow their businesses. To support HD content and live programming needs it was critical for Spacenet Mexico to build a highly reliable and cost effective infrastructure for digital distribution. We chose iDirect for that reason and after initial broadcasts we are very pleased with the Evolution platform's capabilities says Joaquin Patron managing director Spacenet Mexico. For supporting heavy bandwidth applications such as HD video it's critical to have an efficient system to handle the steady traffic volume. Quality and reliability are also key especially when live content is being multicast to 20 cinemas each with hundreds of viewers. Evolution ensures that Spacenet Mexico can effectively meet its customers' needs while also expanding its services to new markets says Rob Kilroy regional vice president sales Americas iDirect. iDirect Spacenet Mexico VT Systems