Smoothing out the Bumps

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Wed, 06/29/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Joey Skibel immerses himself in capturing exciting images of a variety of sports exhibitions. He recently shot professional skateboarder Zac Archuleta to show the physical artistry and excitement that is part of this dynamic sport. “My package for this documentary was the Canon 5D MK II with several Canon L lenses a Marshall Monitor and Schneider 4x4 filters ” Skibel says. “I use only Schneider ND filters because they allow me to shoot very shallow depth-of-field and maintain my 50th of a second shutter speed while shooting in bright daylight which was what we had as I followed Zac’s moves. In addition to the NDs I use Circular Pols and Grads. The quality of Schneider filters is quite amazing. I take them on all of my shoots.” Skibel shot Archuleta as he executed everything from skate ramps and rail jumps to gap-to-ledge and blunt-side-front-side moves at Volcom Skate Park in Costa Mesa California. Skibel felt that he needed a little more freedom and support with his camera. “That’s where the Cam Caddie was perfect ” he says. “It was the ideal tool for me to get the low angle shots I needed. It’s small lightweight and ergonomic. There is no other support out there that could help me get those kinds of shots.” Cam Caddie is a stabilizing handle and accessory holder system designed to work with virtually any lightweight DSLR and video-enabled DSLR camera. It provides a comfortable solid camera platform that supports and dampens movement while shooting enabling smooth and steady shots. Cam Caddie can also facilitate moves that look like a professional jib arm or camera stabilizer. The documentary is slated to be released on DVD later this year.