Slate Media Group Appoints DeMartin Rubin in New York

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Wed, 03/27/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Slate Media Group has appointed Rob DeMartin as chief operating officer and Jay Rubin as head of sound sales of its New York operations which includes post-production companies Technicolor – PostWorks PostWorks and Hula Post Production. DeMartin who brings more than 25 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience across a range of industries will oversee day-to-day operations at all facilities. He reports directly to Slate Media Group CEO David Rosen. DeMartin previously served as chief operating officer of PostWorks for five years beginning in 2004. “We are thrilled to welcome Rob back to New York ” said Rosen. “Rob is a brilliant and innovative leader with a proven track record for helping companies grow. We expect to benefit greatly from his experience and managerial skills as we take on the challenges and seize opportunities that lie ahead.” DeMartin plans to capitalize on companies’ unique strengths in order to provide a seamless experience for customers and promote growth. “Our New York facilities offer a combination of services that is unique to the market ” he said. “We plan to optimize operations and improve integration between our facilities in order to capitalize on our inherent strengths.” DeMartin has served as a board member and has been an equity partner in Slate Media Group since its inception in 2011. He previously served as business manager at publishing and media firm O’Reilly Media. He also served as executive vice president of television production company Zero Point Zero Productions. Additionally his background includes senior level experience in the medical real estate and garment industries. With more than 30 years of experience in feature film and television sound Rubin will seek to grow sound editorial and sound mixing business for all Slate Media Group companies including Technicolor-PostWorks Hula Posy and PostWorks. He will also be involved in recruiting new talent as the company consolidates its position as the leading provider of sound services for film and television on the East Coast. “We’re very excited to have Jay join our team as he’ll play an important role in the continuing growth of our facilities ” says Rosen. “Jay strengthens our sound team through his experience and deep relationships with directors producers and sound professionals worldwide. His reputation and expertise is extremely beneficial to our clients and staff.” For the past 11 years Rubin served as manager of business development at Sound One New York. As such he serviced the sound needs of scores of studio-produced and independent films including such recent titles as Tower Heist  Drive  Midnight in Paris and Margin Call. He began his career with Sound One in 1979 and held a variety of positions with the company including Director of Operations and Manager of Sales. Rubin looks forward to introducing filmmakers to Slate Media Group’s facilities noting that their combination of sound and picture post-production services are unique in New York. “For directors the ability to complete sound and picture post-production under one roof is ideal and that is what we offer in New York ” he says.