Popcornflix Downloads Top 400 000 Mark

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Wed, 03/13/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Popcornflix has announced that the number of Popcornflix downloads on the number one streaming player Roku have exceeded 400 000. Roku recently launched in the United Kingdom and Canada. Popcornflix is now available on Roku in those countries as well. Roku offers hundreds of entertainment channels in the newly expanded markets including Popcornflix which gives Roku users a fast and easy way to view hundreds of theatrically released titles and indie films starring top actors like Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Meryl Streep Charlize Theron and many more. Users can search by title actor or director or browse for movies in a wide variety of genres including action/ thriller comedy family/kids drama horror Bollywood and documentaries. “We’re very excited about bringing Popcornflix to the Roku audience especially as Roku expands into Canada and the United Kingdom ” said Gary Delfiner senior vice president of Screen Media Digital a division of Screen Media Ventures parent company of Popcornflix. “Roku offers the best streaming player on the market and we’re proud to provide access to hundreds of free films for Roku’s customers.” The Popcornflix Roku app was developed by Float Left Interactive. Popcornflix is an ad-supported platform that does not charge viewers for access to its films on Roku. Popcornflix recently launched free iPhone iPad and iPod Touch apps.