Polaroid Eyewear Launches Professional 3D Collection

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Tue, 09/13/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Polaroid Eyewear today announced the launch of the first two styles in its professional 3D eyewear collection. The Polaroid professional 3D collection which uses passive circular polarization has been specifically created for 3D professionals and producers of 3D content. These first two styles both have interchangeable lenses meaning that after work professionals can simply change the lenses and use them as sunglasses. The frames are produced using premium quality materials and precision making them both lightweight and robust. The lenses are produced using Thermofusion technology which is exclusive to Polaroid Eyewear and ensures distortion-free vision. Polaroid Eyewear already has a wide range of consumer 3D glasses on the market place which offer high quality and comfortable viewing and can be used with passive 3D systems such as RealD and MasterImage as well as a number of passive 3DTVs. Both the professional and consumer ranges have curved lenses which wrap around the sides of your face and therefore block out any excess light providing high contrast vision right across the lens. “Polaroid Eyewear’s entire range of 3D glasses combines stylish design and expert technology to deliver great quality passive circular-polarized 3D glasses ” says Eva Dudek marketing project manager Polaroid Eyewear. “With the professional range we have taken that one step further to give professionals extra comfort for long viewing periods as well as a picture-perfect 3D viewing experience.” The collection is due to be expanded shortly and will offer a choice of exclusive high quality styles.