PipelineFX’s Qube Now Available in One-Month Installments

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Tue, 06/30/2015 - 13:35 -- Nick Dager

PipelineFX has added a subscription licensing option making the Qube render farm management software for visual effects even more cost-effective for studios and schools. This new option can be limited to a single one-month installment, and drops the price of Qube to $15 a month.

“Sometimes an upfront investment or a long-term commitment is all that holds companies back from bringing efficiency to their farms,” said Richard Lewis, CEO of PipelineFX. “Subscription licensing is a simple way to get them there, on their own terms and through a package that doesn’t make them give up the power and support that Qube is known for.”

Render farm management is one of the many ways to promote efficiency and lower costs in extremely competitive fields like visual effects. With a much lower initial cost and the option to add or remove licenses as projects ramp up or wind down, Qube users can now treat their software expenditures like an operating expense, rather than a long-term capital investment. Any choice, whether it’s monthly or annual, comes with forum, email and telephone technical support.

”With client demand increasing, we are pleased that PipelineFX offers a cost-effective method which enabled us to burst the power of our render farm by utilizing newly available private clouds services,” said John Hickson, head of systems engineering & rendering at Arc Productions.

"The Qube subscription model is great," said Rachit Singh, head of technology at Atomic Cartoons. "On our new project we have more than 400 nodes and by using subscription, we were able to bring down the licensing cost for rendering. Best part is, you can always update to the latest version.”

A subscription is available now online to existing PipelineFX customers at pipelinefx.com. Pricing is $15 a month per worker license for commercial customers and $10.50 a month for education customers.