OnSight Installs Cel-Scope3D Signal Analyzers

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Fri, 07/08/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

OnSight one of Britain's most active 3D origination and post-production facilities has chosen Cel-Soft Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic signal analyzers for its Soho operation. A total of four systems have been installed for use in 3D editing video effects correction and digital intermediate processing. All four analyzers were supplied as complete turnkey systems running under Microsoft Windows on six-core specification tower PCs.

 “We were impressed by the Cel-Scope3D demonstrations at the London BVE show in February and ordered our first system shortly afterwards says OnSight chief executive officer Simon Craddock. We have completed many high profile 3D projects including Atlantic Productions’ Flying Monsters 3D with David Attenborough produced for Sky and IMAX. Flying Monsters 3D made history recently as the first ever-3D BAFTA award winner. Shooting and posting stereoscopic content involves a large number of variables that simply don't arise in 2D. Cel-Scope3D allows us to check a wide range of critical details at source which is much more efficient than making elaborate corrections downstream. Connecting the analyzer directly to a Sony VTR allows us to quality-control 3D programs automatically in dual stream says chief engineer Rik Tester. Used with our SGO Mistika high-end stereoscopic finishing suites Cel-Scope3D provides the extra tools needed to assess stereoscopic content accurately in real time. Cel-Scope3D works so well that we have since taken delivery of three additional systems. 

 Available as complete rack-mount tower-based or high-performance laptop systems or as ready-to-load software Cel-Scope 3D allows stereoscopic camera alignment to be performed quickly and confidently ensuring 3D is accurate from the moment of capture. Footage and edits in a wide range of file formats can be viewed and assessed in real time. Disparities are analyzed and displayed as clear and intelligible graphics on 2D or 3D monitors. Anaglyph display touchscreen control and auto-alarm are all supported.  Some of the Cel-Scope3D analyzers provided to OnSight include the automatic logging option that can generate a detailed quality-control report of all 3D parameters and discrepancies. Maximum and minimum depth values detected are logged against timecode together with the depth range in use. Additionally the operator can configure reports on a host of other factors and include thumbnails from the source media to help with interpretation. 

Cel-Scope3D has live displays which can be scaled and arranged as six or eight windows on one or two PC monitors. Left and right channels can be viewed simultaneously together with actual depth dynamics. Each graphic window can be set to show waveform vectorscope and histogram graphics as well as differences in video parameters between each channel. Geometry issues can be identified easily using built-in real-time image manipulation. Quality-control tests can be performed on live stereoscopic video sources in any 720p 1080 or 2K formats from industry-standard capture cards Firewire inputs or file playback.
 Cel-Soft www.cel-soft.com OnSight www.onsight.co.uk ,2583
Petrol Bag Introduces DSLR Campack Plus,2011-07-09, Now there’s a backpack-style camera carrier designed specifically for DSLR cameras. Petrol Bags has introduced the DSLR Campack Plus. This innovative new camera/PC backpack is ideal for on-the-move camera work when travel and hiking to locations is required. Packed with a host of industry-leading advantages its bright red padded central compartment has room to hold (2) video-enabled DSLR cameras with the lenses mounted. Removable articulated dividers form enclosed storage pockets for important accessories. What’s more a secondary two-sided zippered rear compartment can hold up to a 17-inch laptop. The DSLR Campack Plus ergonomic backpack system is optimally designed to provide correct weight distribution and carrying comfort. The system’s center panel is a bridge of 3D mesh fabric designed to encourage air to circulate and keep things cool. Other features include a flash memory card mini pouch (holds up to four cards) exterior front/side accessory pockets padded top handle removable rain cover dual directional easy-glide zippers and exterior straps for carrying a tripod. Construction is of black 900D and ballistic nylon fabrics.     ,2584
Nowell Chooses Pictorvision for Air Racers 3D,2011-07-09,Aerial director of photography David B. Nowell ASC recently took Pictorvision’s Eclipse into the air to capture stunning 3D footage that simulates the feeling of a real air race. The Eclipse footage is now being integrated into 3D footage shot by Vern Nobles Jr. for a 38-minute IMAX feature called Air Racers 3D an in-depth exploration of the fastest motor sport on earth at the annual Reno National Championship Air Races & Air Show. The final shoot took place earlier this month at Chino Airport in California and Reno-Stead Airfield in Nevada. “As it is not permitted to shoot air-to-air photography during the actual races for safety reasons we decided to re-stage them in grand fashion by assembling a spectacular array of fighter aircrafts including the P-51 Mustang Tigercat Bearcat and T-6 ” explains producer Raul Leckie of Pretend Entertainment the company behind this IMAX project. “The aerial unit was run by helicopter pilot Kevin LaRosa and aerial Director of Photography David Nowell.” “The idea was to capture point-of-view footage for our key racer award-winning flyer Steve Hinton Jr. son of one of the top fixed wing movie pilots Steve Hinton Sr. ” Nowell explains. Hinton Sr. and Nowell have worked together on a number of projects including ‘Iron Eagle 2’ ‘Flight of the Intruder’ and the groundbreaking feature “Pearl Harbor”. “I needed to capture what Steve Jr. would see as he raced around the course. “To do this I requested twin RED X camera bodies and twin 10 to 1 (25mm to 250mm) lenses. Yes normally that is too long a lens for IMAX or 3D but having this size lens enabled me to zoom in longer and get some really dynamic images that aerial coordinator Kevin LaRosa Sr. and I really like to do. We also needed to capture shots at the air speed of a fixed wing plane in racing mode. “To make this happen we needed to be able to bank the camera and make the shots look like actual fixed wing flying ” he explains. “Since the final footage would be sped up to look like the 400+ MPH speed of the race planes it was imperative that we had a stabilized system that could roll as we were flying. The only answer was Pictorvision’s Eclipse. The Pictorvision Eclipse is the most advanced gyro stabilized aerial camera platform available today. The system’s open architecture design and superior engineering allows it to fly with a wide range of film digital cine cameras and 3D camera rigs. It’s the Eclipse’s ability to handle large payloads while maintaining an absolutely level horizon and perfect stabilization that makes it perfect to shoot 3D footage for the big screen. The 3D footage shot by Nowell and Nobles is currently being edited. The final project “Air Races 3D” will visually put the audience in the pilot’s seat of highly modified WWII-era fighter craft as they compete in this thrilling race. Produced by 3D Entertainment USA in association with L.A.-based Pretend Entertainment and Stereoscope the film will have an industry premiere during the Giant Screen Cinema Association’s Annual Conference at the Texas State History Museum’s IMAX 3D Theatre in Austin on September 21st. It will premiere in theaters throughout the United States and selected territories in early 2012. Pictorvision www.pictorvision.com ,2585
Pivotal Post Upgrades its Digital Mobile Lab Service,2011-07-09,Pivotal Post which supplies editorial systems to film and television productions worldwide is now using Codex’s Digital Lab system as the hub of a new mobile workflow for backing up digital camera media processing dailies and preparing deliverables for editorial and other post production processes. The service which is designed to support the many film productions currently using Codex recording technology allows film and television productions to perform on-set or on-location much of the digital laboratory work that formerly required a post-production facility. To oversee the new service Pivotal Post has hired digital workflow specialists Craig Mumma and Toby Gallo both of whom are former Codex employees. “Digital workflows have made editorial a central part of production often in a near-set environment ” says Sarah Priestnall Codex Digital vice president for market development. “As a result it is natural that Pivotal Post should seek to extend the support it provides to its Avid rental customers by supplying them with Codex equipment and workflow expertise. We are excited to be a key part of this new business initiative.” Pivotal Post CEO Kevin Hyman says that the new service will save productions money and allow editorial and other post work to get started sooner—potentially within minutes of completing a shot. “It is an ideal solution for preparing dailies and delivering them to editorial ” Hyman says. “It’s a perfect hand-off—and Codex makes the best technology for doing so. We couldn’t be happier with this relationship.” Pivotal Post has already used Codex Digital Lab systems for on-set dailies processing for several productions including The Wettest County in the World. The company expects to have six or more Digital Mobile Labs in operation by fall. Pivotal Post partner and chief sales and marketing officer Jeff Buchignani says that he expects demand for mobile laboratory services to grow quickly as more film and television productions move to digital acquisition. “We are excited to be working with Codex Digital as we seek to become the industry’s premier digital lab service provider ” Buchignani says. Codex Digital www.codexdigital.com Pivotal Post www.pivotalpost.com. ,2586
Purple Mind to Premier on FlickLaunch,2011-07-09,Landfall Productions and independent filmmaker Eric Stacey’s new independent feature film Purple Mind a family/war drama about an Iraq combat vet's return home and subsequent battle with post traumatic stress disorder is set to break new ground and premier on an international stage to almost 700 000 000 computer screens via FlickLaunch the first global film distribution platform built on Facebook. Purple Mind recently won Best Actor award for its star Will Shepherd at the Bare Bones International Film Festival where it was also nominated for Best Drama and received an Award of Merit from Indie Fest. In late May First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden launched a Military Families Initiative to educate challenge and spark action from all sectors of our society to ensure military families have the support they have earned. With 350 000 to 900 000 current GIs or recent veterans suffering the effects of PTSD there is great need for support. Communities across the country are feeling the after-effects of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Approximately half the GIs with a PTSD diagnosis or major depression fail to seek treatment and wind up abusing alcohol and prescription drugs while divorce and serious crimes often follow.   Director Eric Stacey says Purple Mind is to help folks understand what military vets have been through and how difficult it is for many to re-adjust to 'normal' life. The general public needs to appreciate what these brave men and women are dealing with and encourage veterans suffering with PTSD to reach out and seek help.   In honor of National PTSD Awareness Day and in an effort to support the many groups and organizations dedicated to soldiers' and veterans' health and healing the film's international release invites 500 free rentals of Purple Mind with subsequent seven-day rentals costing a dollar. Stacey supports veterans groups such as Veterans for Peace and Iraq Veterans Against the War and plans to donate a share of the film's rentals to the groups. Watch Purple Mind at http://www.facebook.com/PurpleMindMovie. ,2587
Revenge of the Car to have Hybrid Release,2011-07-09, Stefano Durdic executive producer of WestMidWest Productions and Kirt Eftekhar co-founder with Richard Abramowitz of Area23a have announced a partnership for a hybrid theatrical release of the documentary film Revenge of the Electric Car.  Through a combination of major metropolitan area theatrical runs and special event screenings the film will open across the country in the fall of 2011.   The film had its world premiere on Earth Day at the 2011 Tribeca International Film Festival where it garnered strong reviews and will close the 2011 Silverdocs the premiere documentary film festival in the US.

 Filmmaker Chris Paine says We're very excited to announce our partnership with Area23a for our theatrical release at Silverdocs.  Area23a has a strong team that understands the changing distribution model for documentaries.  2011 marks the return of the electric car to the world and I'm happy Revenge will be able to bring that story to people this fall.” We are thrilled to be working with Chris Paine on Revenge of the Electric Car and to have the opportunity to connect and inspire audiences across America with this fascinating film says Kirt Eftekhar co-founder of Area 23a. Revenge of the Electric Car provides communities with a one-of-kind platform to discuss how they can benefit from the use of electric cars and alleviate dependency on foreign oil. 

 As part of the non-traditional release potential audiences can visit http://www.revengeoftheelectriccar.com/see-the-film.html to request the film in their market.  The markets with the most votes will get the film first.  In addition Revenge of the Electric Car has partnered with Sierra Club Electric Drive Transportation Association and a number of other corporate and non-profit organizations to help promote the film.

Directed by Paine (Who Killed the Electric Car 2006) Revenge of the Electric Car tracks the race to be first in big business.  Behind the closed doors of Nissan GM and Tesla Motors the film has unprecedented access to the teams that led the global resurgence of the electric car following these major players as they race to be the first and the best and to win over the public.

 A WestMidWest Production Revenge of the Electric Car was co-written by Paine and P.G. Morgan and produced by Morgan and Jessie Deeter Durdic is executive producer. Chris A. Peterson edited the film and Thaddeus Wadleigh served as director of photography with additional photography by Haskell Wexler.