OConnor Introduces O-Focus Dual Mini

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Tue, 02/28/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

OConnor has introduced the O-Focus Dual Mini a compact double-sided direct drive follow focus unit optimized for both still and cine-style camera lenses to meet the exacting needs of professional camera operators and assistants. The precision gear drive of the main bridge is designed with a gear ratio of 1:0.75 so that 360 degrees of input results in 270 degrees of output (i.e. rotation on the drive gear). There are two versions of the O-Focus DM the Photo Set and the Cine Set each with its own unique transmission ratio. The difference is accomplished by the use of two different types of hand wheels that interface with the main bridge to generate optimized transmission output. Changing the transmission ratio is as easy as changing a lens. Without requiring tools the hand wheel can be easily swapped out and the user is ready to shoot. The Photo Set utilizes a new hard stop hand wheel which has a transmission ratio of 1:1 (input: output). When coupled with the O-Focus Bridge it yields a follow focus industry first; a 1:0.75 transmission ratio. This translates to longer more exacting focus pulls when using limited barrel rotation still lenses for digital cinematography and allows more precise lens control than has previously been available for these camera configurations. In addition the hard stops enable the operator to set minimum and maximum focus points for lenses with unlimited rotation and to carry out hard focus stop pulls. To allow the focus-puller to react to unexpected movements the unique single-hand-operated hard stop on/off switch allows for instantaneous disengagement of the end stops for critical adjustments even during the shot. The Cine Set utilizes the existing CFF-1 Studio Hand wheel; and has a transmission ratio of 1:1.8 (input:output). When coupled with the O-Focus Bridge it yields a 1:1.4 output transmission ratio well suited for cine lenses with an expanded focus scale. The Studio Hand wheel is offset; meaning it has 360 degree rotation for optimum placement and view of lens witness marks and allows the camera to be set on the ground without the rig weight resting on the hand wheel. Both versions of the O-Focus DM feature extremely low profiles which allow use with large diameter lenses. The sliding dovetail design provides adjustment for various lens sizes even those with very large lens barrel diameters. Additionally tapered flank couplings (pioneered with the OConnor CFF-1) eliminate play between the hand wheel and bridge connection.   The O-Focus DM integrates seamlessly with existing follow focus accessories including whips cranks and gears. It also shares many of the OConnor CFF-1 accessories such as the Studio Hand wheel and Marking Discs Hand wheel Extension and Studio 15/19mm Bridge. The new Toothless Friction Driver for the use of still lenses eliminates much of the need for additional toothed gear rings. The O-Focus DM Cine Set and O-Focus DM Photo Set are both available now. OConnor www.ocon.com