New DiDaptr Storage Adapter Works with AJA Ki Pro and Ki Pro Rack

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Tue, 06/09/2015 - 14:33 -- Nick Dager

DiDac Systems today introduced the DiDaptr storage adapter for use with AJA Video Systems' Ki Pro and Ki Pro Rack.

DiDaptr allows the Ki Pro and Ki Pro Rack true Direct-to-Disk recording to standard 2.5 inch (laptop size) hard disk drives and solid state drives. Customers can choose from a variety of industry standard docking stations and cables to access the drives.

“DiDaptr is a reliable and cost-effective way to upgrade to SSDs and archive to HDDs. Upgrading to USB 3.0, Thunderbolt or the latest technology is as simple and affordable as upgrading your offload interface,” said Chris Mueller of DiDac Systems. “Choose your media based on the job. Choose your offload interface based on your needs. With DiDaptr, customers are not tied to any particular technology.”

For a limited time get DiDac DiDaptr storage adapter, HGST TravelStar 7200RPM 1 TB HDD and StarTech USB3.0 to SATA interface cable for $495.

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