NEC NC1201L Digital Cinema Projector Achieves DCI Compliance

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Fri, 06/26/2015 - 11:36 -- Nick Dager

NEC Display Solutions of America has announced Digital Cinema Initiatives compliance for its NC1201L laser projector, targeted to modestly sized theaters.

The NC1201L model is the latest in NEC’s Digital Cinema Projector Series to have earned compliance on DCI Compliant Equipment.

The test was completed by Aegisolve Cyber Security Laboratories, one of three entities licensed by Digital Cinema Initiatives to comply with the Digital Cinema System Specification Compliance Test Plan Version 1.2. The NC1201L projector provides 14-ft. L (using a 1.8 gain screen) on screens up to 39.4 ft./12m in DCI color.

“Achieving DCI compliance for the NC1201L digital cinema projector is just one way that NEC continues to help valued end customers, channel partners and others meet the demands of the 21st Century communications landscape,” said Rich McPherson, senior product manager for projectors at NEC Display. “The NC1201L takes advantage of a solid state light source to give exhibitors a lower total cost of ownership and a virtually maintenance free projector with 20,000 hours of lifetime.”

“Aegisolve is pleased to report that the NEC NP-NC1201L-A and NP-NC1201L-A+ satisfy all of the applicable requirements of the DCI CTP 1.2,” said Desiree Spann, Aegisolve, Inc. CEO. “Such compliance results in an enhanced movie-going experience."

The NC1201L projector comes with a two-year limited warranty (for U.S. and Canada only), including parts and labor.

NEC Display Solutions of America