NATO Applauds Reported Gains in Ratings Enforcement

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Wed, 03/27/2013 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

The National Association of Theatre Owners has announced that it is pleased at the significant improvement in enforcement of the voluntary ratings system at the nation’s movie theaters. According to the Federal Trade Commission report on the results of its undercover shopper survey of ratings enforcement at the nation’s entertainment retailers movie theaters have shown “marked improvement in box office enforcement” with 76 percent of underage shoppers turned away from R-rated movies compared to 67 percent in the last survey.
NATO president and CEO John Fithian said “We are proud of the significant improvement in ratings enforcement at America’s movie theaters and we renew our commitment to parents to continue to improve. We also congratulate our colleagues in video game retail for their industry leading levels of enforcement.”
“This report and its results continue to reinforce the importance and effectiveness of the voluntary ratings system ” Fithian continued. “As the Supreme Court noted in its decision in Brown v. EMA retailers’ voluntary enforcement of the ratings provides an effective alternative to state regulation. We will continue to do our part in enforcing the voluntary ratings system that allows creators to create and parents to make informed decisions about their children’s entertainment.”
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