MTI Film Installs Control Dailies Systems at Nice Shoes

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Tue, 02/28/2012 - 19:00 -- Nick Dager

MTI Film has installed three Control Dailies systems at Nice Shoes New York. The new systems will enable the facility to expand beyond its core market commercial post-production into television and film with a proven dailies solution for New York-based television productions. Nice Shoes is eager to tap into New York’s growing film and television market. “We've wanted to extend our successful commercial post services into the entertainment area for some time now ” says Nice Shoes CEO Dominic Pandolfino. “So moving forward with MTI’s Control Dailies provides us with the added ability to service customers in this very important space.” As part of the installation MTI Film and Nice Shoes have entered into a strategic partnership allowing for full service bicoastal dailies and finishing in a compatible environment linked by a dedicated high-speed Internet connection. “MTI’s proven Control Dailies technology coupled with our talent base will provide producers with the comfort of knowing that Nice Shoes is able to expertly finish entertainment projects in an established environment ” adds Nice Shoes Robert Keske. Nice Shoes partner Chris Ryan and Keske traveled to Los Angeles to demo Control Dailies. “Their conclusion was that Control Dailies is the best and most complete solution they've seen in the space. With ten years of development it's what you'd expect Pandolfino says. “MTI Film is very pleased to have its technology introduced to the New York entertainment market through Nice Shoes ” says MTI Film CEO Larry Chernoff. “The quality of Nice Shoes’ creative and engineering staff ensures that customers will be well served.” MTI Film ,3114
NewTek Now Shipping Lightwave 11,2012-02-29,NewTek is now shipping Lightwave 11 the latest version of its professional 3D modeling animation and rendering software that is designed to let artists broaden their creative exploration. LightWave 11 incorporates many new features such as instancing flocking and fracturing tools flexible Bullet Dynamics and Pixologic Zbrush support. The company says that LightWave 11 is ideal for all genres of 3D content creation—from film and broadcast visual effects production to architectural visualization and game design. Mikael Burman technical supervisor at Massive a Ubisoft Studio based in Sweden says “Our cinematics team works in a mixed 3D pipeline most of the time and the updated I/O tools in LightWave 11 (FBX and MDD/GeoCache) combined with the new Unified sampling; colorspace-aware Adaptive sampling; and updated shaders such as the reflection blur; allows me and my team to deliver fast artistic and adaptable content. LightWave 11 continues to improve and make our work more creative and enjoyable.” Tom Bosschaert managing director of Except Integrated Sustainability based in the United States and the Netherlands says “LightWave 11 adds a set of tools that enables us to push the boundaries of our inventions. Instancing and Bullet Dynamics natively provide possibilities that allow us to massively speed up production. The productivity enhancements throughout the program give us tangible daily improvements in speed workflow and quality.” LightWave 11 is designed to support the creative process providing the artist with the ability to interact in real time with 3D content to work seamlessly with the full range of software applications in production pipelines and to render on unlimited render nodes. LightWave 11 incorporates new technology such as the Virtual Preview Renderer for onscreen real-time rendering and Anaglyph Stereoscopic Preview for real-time interocular ‘red-blue’ anaglyphic separations. LightWave 11 is now available for $1 495. Upgrade pricing from earlier versions of LightWave is $695. Educational pricing is also available. For more information please visit ,3116
OConnor Introduces O-Focus Dual Mini,2012-02-29,OConnor has introduced the O-Focus Dual Mini a compact double-sided direct drive follow focus unit optimized for both still and cine-style camera lenses to meet the exacting needs of professional camera operators and assistants. The precision gear drive of the main bridge is designed with a gear ratio of 1:0.75 so that 360 degrees of input results in 270 degrees of output (i.e. rotation on the drive gear). There are two versions of the O-Focus DM the Photo Set and the Cine Set each with its own unique transmission ratio. The difference is accomplished by the use of two different types of hand wheels that interface with the main bridge to generate optimized transmission output. Changing the transmission ratio is as easy as changing a lens. Without requiring tools the hand wheel can be easily swapped out and the user is ready to shoot. The Photo Set utilizes a new hard stop hand wheel which has a transmission ratio of 1:1 (input: output). When coupled with the O-Focus Bridge it yields a follow focus industry first; a 1:0.75 transmission ratio. This translates to longer more exacting focus pulls when using limited barrel rotation still lenses for digital cinematography and allows more precise lens control than has previously been available for these camera configurations. In addition the hard stops enable the operator to set minimum and maximum focus points for lenses with unlimited rotation and to carry out hard focus stop pulls. To allow the focus-puller to react to unexpected movements the unique single-hand-operated hard stop on/off switch allows for instantaneous disengagement of the end stops for critical adjustments even during the shot. The Cine Set utilizes the existing CFF-1 Studio Hand wheel; and has a transmission ratio of 1:1.8 (input:output). When coupled with the O-Focus Bridge it yields a 1:1.4 output transmission ratio well suited for cine lenses with an expanded focus scale. The Studio Hand wheel is offset; meaning it has 360 degree rotation for optimum placement and view of lens witness marks and allows the camera to be set on the ground without the rig weight resting on the hand wheel. Both versions of the O-Focus DM feature extremely low profiles which allow use with large diameter lenses. The sliding dovetail design provides adjustment for various lens sizes even those with very large lens barrel diameters. Additionally tapered flank couplings (pioneered with the OConnor CFF-1) eliminate play between the hand wheel and bridge connection.   The O-Focus DM integrates seamlessly with existing follow focus accessories including whips cranks and gears. It also shares many of the OConnor CFF-1 accessories such as the Studio Hand wheel and Marking Discs Hand wheel Extension and Studio 15/19mm Bridge. The new Toothless Friction Driver for the use of still lenses eliminates much of the need for additional toothed gear rings. The O-Focus DM Cine Set and O-Focus DM Photo Set are both available now. OConnor ,3117
Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinemas Orders 200 GDC Servers,2012-02-29,GDC Technology has secured a contract for the sale of 200 digital cinema servers from Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinemas. OSGH Cinemas is a subsidiary of Orange Sky Golden Harvest Entertainment Group. In 1977 the Group opened its first cinema in Hong Kong. Since then the Group has committed to bringing the best cinematic experience to its audiences. Eager to expand into the China market the Group has built premium flagship cinemas in Shenzhen in 2005 touting a box office that has ranked top three among cinemas nationwide since 2006. Since 2010 the Group has successively built and has been operating numerous premium cinemas in Beijing Guangzhou Chengdu Chongqing Wuxi Hefei Wuhu and other cities. Today the Group operates 31 multiplexes with 225 screens.   GDC Tech and OSGH synergistic relationship commenced in 2007 when we started using GDC servers says Dr. Qiu-Sheng Xie CTO of OSGH. “GDC’s powerful and feature-rich servers are easy to use and are supported by excellent after-sales service so making GDC our first choice was an easy decision and results have enabled us to forge ahead in developing the OSGH brand.   OSGH has a solid reputation in the industry for its relentless pursuit for excellence and commitment to bringing the best theatrical experience to moviegoers. Dr. Man-Nang Chong founder and CEO of GDC Tech says Chosen again by such a renowned exhibitor as OSGH Cinemas proves that GDC Tech is a trustworthy partner. This is a massive deal for us from a strategic perspective in the China market and we appreciate OSGH’s confidence and patronage. GDC Technology Orange Sky Golden Harvest Cinemas