Kodak Adds to Archival Stock Line

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Tue, 10/30/2012 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

Kodak has added another product to its portfolio of asset protection films. Kodak Vision3 Digital Separation Film 2237 is a black-and-white separation film for preserving images from color digital masters.

This archival film is optimized for laser CRT and LED light sources utilized by digital recorders in the marketplace. Providing exceptional image quality including fine detail tight grain optimal resolution and excellent flare characteristics Kodak Vision3 2237 Film is offered on an ESTAR base for premier physical performance and long-term stability that lasts centuries in recommended conditions. “This film is designed to create archival elements from digital image files that maintain the integrity of the original content with extraordinary precision ” said Diane Carroll-Yacoby product manager for Kodak’s Entertainment Imaging Division. “The improvements we have introduced into this stock are based on our deep knowledge of image science film design digital recorders and production workflow from our research and development over the past few decades. Kodak scientists continue to push the boundaries of film technology and uncover ways to optimize the extraordinary characteristics of film for today’s digital post production workflows.”
 Kodak Vision3 Digital Separation Film 2237 builds upon the enhancements incorporated in Kodak Vision3 Color Digital Intermediate Film 2254 which is used as a digital master for generating high-quality release prints with greater efficiency and image quality. 

The new 2237 Film has improved spectral sensitivity for digital-to-film transfers and optimized latent image keeping which offers efficiencies for service providers that in the past had to “cure” rolls before processing. The film can be processed in either D-96 or D-97 chemistry which are standard black-and-white processes in the industry. “Digital technology is evolving making obsolescence a dire concern for content owners ” said Carroll-Yacoby. “There is no other proven archival medium than film and we will continue to provide the options that the industry needs to preserve their assets.”