IndiePix Launches Subscription Streaming Site

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Thu, 04/28/2011 - 20:00 -- Nick Dager

IndiePix has launched IndiePix Unlimited an Internet-based subscription video-on-demand store offering the widest specialist subscription-streaming platform for independent films. For a small ongoing subscription fee IndiePix Unlimited customers can choose and instantly view more than 200 independent films - growing to 500 titles by early summer. The site will feature premiers for recent Venice Cannes Tribeca and Sundance award winning films and filmmakers - titles that are not available on any other streaming subscription site. It opened for consumer signups and film choices on April 19. Bob Alexander President of IndiePix said: We are very pleased with the response to this initiative from the independent film community. I want to single out our presenting sponsor the Los Angeles Times which has made a significant commitment to independent film through their ongoing editorial coverage sponsorship of the Los Angeles Film Festival and other key events and activities in Southern California and across the US. Launch Partners include Filmmaker Magazine who is making an important early contribution to the launch of this project. Also joining us as a Launch Partner Alexander notes is the prominent independent film website FilmSnobbery with whom we look forward to continuing collaborations as this project moves ahead. IndiePix is joined by 13 other blog and independent film web sites in the launch of IndiePix Unlimited. As a third party store Alexander explained our shelves are open to individual filmmakers especially those seeking an alternative for their 'do-it-yourself' distribution projects. We are also pleased to be working with prominent digital film rights aggregators and with other independent film labels directly. Digital rights aggregators have played an important role in the growth of the independent film digital distribution market by assembling large numbers of highly sought after films for digital stores like IndiePix Unlimited. In addition Alexander said we are in discussions with other independent film studios and producers that hold digital rights about joining us. There are a literally thousands of independent films produced each year and many hundreds of them have significant production credits festival awards and audiences. It is not the case that any existing digital store has a commanding share of independent films. In fact said Alexander several of the larger and more established stores have turned away from independent film in recent months as they expand their stores into episodic television programming formats. The quality and breadth of our content will be second to none Alexander claims as rights holders - individual and corporate domestic and international - discover the value to them of our platform. Announcements of participating independent film distributors and independent film content aggregators will be made over the launch period for Indiepix Unlimited. That launch period extends out over the next 10 weeks and closes with the Los Angeles Film Festival on June 30 2011. The opening of this site is an evolving project that will take full shape over the next few weeks Alexander said. IndiePix Unlimited